Zionist Corruption Goes Far Back


Yossi Goldstein, professor of history at Ariel University and author of extensive biographies of Israeli prime ministers and senior Zionist figures, told Haaretz that political corruption has hounded Israel almost since its founding.

“I don’t know of any Israeli leader who wasn’t tainted by power,” he asserted. “Power is an infectious disease that affects everyone who comes into contact with it. Everyone exploits it for his purposes.”

One such case involved Finance Minister Levi Eshkol, later Israel’s third prime minister,who sold his private home to his ministry,”contrary to every ethical procedure,” for a huge profit in order to cover his wife’s medical bills and help other relatives. Eshkol also spent up to 70,000 Israeli pounds [the Israeli currency at that time] upgrading an apartment office he used in Yerushalayim’s upscale Old Katamon neighborhood.

Goldstein added that he was not sure whether Prime Minister David Ben Gurion paid more than a third of a mortgage he received for a Tel Aviv residence from the Jewish National Fund and brushed off memos urging him to payfor the rest.The famous hut at the Sde Boker Kibbutz that was supposed to epitomize Ben Gurion’s simplicity actually belonged to the state and was built and enlarged gratis by the Solel Boneh Company of the Histadrut Labor Union.

Ben Gurion paid from his pocket for only ten to twenty percent of his much admired library of 7,500 books, Goldstein said.

Prime Minister Golda Meir, who lived very simply, may have been justified in staying at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel during visits to New York between 1956 and 1966 due to its high security standards, Goldstein said, but her younger sister, Clara, used to come up from Connecticut and join her on the Foreign Minister’s tab.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. is this supposed to be a rationalization or proof to the neturi karta in the photo holding a Palestinian flag!? When rebbes and rosh hayishavas go to jail for fraud or various types of child abuse, do we say that frumkiet is also corrupt from the start and put up a photo of Yeshi Lapid?

    • Just because rebbes and rosh hayishavas are accused of fraud and whatnot doesn’t mean it is so. We all know how corrupt the Zionists are and that over 70% innocent Jews are languishing in Israeli jails. Stop believing everything you read from anti-chareidi media.

      • Please!!! Do you need me to name names (I don’t think matzav would post them anyway) but there were rebbes in yeshivah gedola of otisville penitentiary, my main stream yeshiva needed help after it got caught up in a rabbi who was convicted and sat for fraud that helped the yeshiva. Do you really think there is no abuse covered up by rabonim ask Tzvi Gluck or Yaakov Horowotz. We aint perfect either.

  2. The photo is misleading and should be changed. Having a photo of these misfits, might imply that they are a proper response to corruprion in the ranks of Zionists. There is plenty wrong with Zionism, and there always has been. But NK is not a correct Torah reaction. Please, if you would, remove that photo.

  3. If assume what was written about Eshkol we can still say he was not anywhere near the same level of corruption as is Netanyahu. To mention them in the same aritcle is an insult to Eshkol. He was head and shoulders above Netanyahu.

  4. Ridiculous to say this a klal godol.
    WHile it may be true of some of Israel’s leaders, just as it is true of those who seek power in general, including in the heimishe world, it is not true of all of them.
    I personally witnessed Golda Meir dragging her own trash to the curb from her home, when she was Prime Minister of Israel. And I personally witnessed the utterly simple way that Menachem Begin lived, up to his final hours.

  5. as usual, a biased story. israel’s sense of ethics is such that a former president, prime minister and chief rabbi have all went to jail. name another country where that happens. if you want to identify all the miscreants, list those who abetted those crooks and others.

    do you side with the jewish anti-semites pictured????

    • Didn’t people blame Israel for as actions in one of the wars that the soldiers are so racist that they didn’t rape Arab women. Instead of acknowledging the lack of rape as a good thing. They twisted it that the reason for lack of rape was racism!

  6. there is no limit to the Zionists and their evil, we need to look at how simple our rebbes and roshei yeshivas live to see an example I have been by chashuva people who simply had paint from 40 years ago, rav shteinman and rav chaim live very simple.

  7. Power corrupts exists amongst all nations and all faiths. The only exception to this rule is the tsaddik who has refined his character to the utmost possible degree – the diametric opposite of a politician.

  8. Golda Meir has 2800 dead & 8000 injured soldiers from the Yom Kippur war on her conscience.
    She showed utter incompetence in recognizing impending attacks from both Egypt & Syria.
    Forget about a few pennies here and there.

    • Israel really didn’t have the politacal capital at the time to launch another preemptive strike. Also keeping a countries reserves called up uses up massive sums of money. The interesting question is why they didn’t have the reserves called up in decent number at the right time. Well supposedly the double agent who was working for Israel was a triple agent working against Israel.

    • Because a womans place is not fighting wars. She should be home taking care of the family, or in Shul saying Tehillim.

  9. Eat with a zionist. They still want a good crop.

    Hills are all our needs. We must all be buried in the holy land. I see no problem.

  10. anonymous, care to guess how many dead jews can be blamed on various jewish leaders who plotted their escape while promising salvation for those who stayed?

    and simple living – yup. i wonder if that applies to various rebbelach as well. halevi auf alle yidishe kinder

  11. The israeli leaders were atheists. They did not observe shabbos. The toeiva parades show us how evil tziyonim are. The tattoo shops and the 225 stores open on shabbos in Jerusalem show us the truth about tziyonim. They are evil. Don’t be fooled.


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