Zeh Hayoim Osoh Hashem….

Dear Fellow Yidden,
As we celebrate the commuted sentence of Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, it is hard to overstate how the hand of Hashem was present in guiding the President in the White House to this momentous and wondrous decision.
It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to express our deep gratitude and thanks to the Trump Administration and other members of the government for this momentous decision.
This can be done by simply writing a note at this link:https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/. You can also write a thank you note to the president In Twitter. Tag the president @therealdonaldtrump and @POTUS. You can also share a post on Facebook. It is important that we display our extreme gratitude.
May the joy of this geulah lead to the ultimate geulah with the coming of Moshiach right now.
Al Nisecho, Ve’Al Niflosecho, Ve’Al Yeshuosecho


  1. To number 1: if you followed the celebrations then perhaps you didnt realize that each one was a huge campaign thanking Hashem…pay attention to the wording of the songs as in chasdei Hashm ki lo samnu, or matir asurim etc…all the singing and dancing was a part of the massive campaign recognizing the Ribono shel olam’s infinite kindness

  2. Who said he didnt?
    Why are there people, like you for example, that only can see or think of the negative.. the black…when the white is staring them in the face. I’ll never understand. My dear sister or brother….it is you that has the problem. It’s called ayin ra instead of ayin toiva.

  3. Of course we should thank Trump for Rubashkin and many other good accomplishments.

    BUT do not forget we are STILL IN GALUS. Our only King is KING OF KINGS not some fool in the white house. Hashem yerachaim!!

    An example is this travesty in today’s news:

    Trump Re-Nominates Architect of Obama’s LGBT Agenda Chai Feldblum to EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

    Feldblum is a nightmare of a nominee for those who value religious freedom, private property rights, and the science-based standard that there are two sexes – male and female. As Obama’s most liberal gender ideology activist, Feldblum has said that whenever LGBT issues conflict with religious liberty and private property rights, religious liberty and private rights should lose.


    • Golus. Plain and simple. We can have a president do a truly wonderful thing, and yet at the same time continue the destruction of morality in this country.
      Never the less, we must give a tremendous thank you to Trump for the good he has dobe.

  4. Remember we are all just chess pieces and everyone in this world and everything that is said is from Hashem. Whatever happens is only because He allows it to happen and only He allows it to happen- it’s called hashgacha pratis!! Everything happens PRECISELY when it’s supposed to happen. President Trump is just the shaliach. Of course we can still be thankful to him as a person as all human beings should be appreciated.

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