ZAKA Rescue Teams Dig For Remains After Holocaust Mass Grave Found At Belarus Site


A delegation from ZAKA has flown down from Israel to participate in the search and identification of bodies in a mass grave identified in a building site over a former Jewish ghetto in the city of Brest on the Belarus border with Poland.

The grave was expected to yield above of 1,100 bodies, most of whom were shot in the head and many of them women and children.

“The sights are shocking to every Jewish heart,” ZAKA Executive Director Rabbi Tzvi Hasid said in a statement.

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  1. The city of Brest, which was referred to in the article, is better know to the yeshiva world as “Brisk”, the home to the famous, illustrious Soloveitchik family. It’s mind boggling to think of to whom the remains may possibly belong. Among those killed in Brisk were, Rabbi Simcha Zelig Ringer Zatzal—the Brisker dayin, the Brisker rav’s Wife, and several of his children. May their blood be avenged.


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