ZAKA Files US Restraining Order Over Cremation of Israeli


zakaThe Zaka emergency response and disaster relief organization has successfully filed a restraining order in the US to prevent an Israeli mother from having her son cremated.

Aaron Tabachnik, a Jewish Israeli teen, recently committed suicide while at a Florida shooting range. Because the young man did not have a will, the disposal of his remains has been left to the discretion of his mother, who opted for cremation and planned to scatter the ashes in Arad, where the family is originally from.

Upon hearing of the mother’s intentions, Aaron’s father Moshe Tabachnik, who is divorced from the mother, flew to Florida and contacted ZAKA founder and chairperson Yehuda Meshi-Zahav. Meshi-Zahav worked with the family to ensure a proper Jewish burial.

Cremation is prohibited by Jewish law.

ZAKA has a legal department, which Lydia Weitzman, a spokeswoman for the organization, says deals

specifically with overseas cases like this.

“Any instance of unnatural death in Israel is dealt with by the ZAKA organization,” says Weitzman. But ZAKA also handles cases that, like this one, take place outside Israel, and over the organization’s 16-year existence, Weitzman says, ZAKA has become involved in cases involving Israelis and Jews worldwide.

“We help bereaved families cut through the bureaucratic red tape,” said Weitzman.

Now that the restraining order against cremation has been issued, the situation has been put on hold until the family can reach an agreement on how to lay Tabachnik’s body to rest.

Weitzman went on to explain that ZAKA handled a similar case earlier this month when an Israeli man was murdered in the Philippines, and his son chose to have his body cremated. ZAKA intervened, offering to pay for transport back to Israel so the body could be buried. The man was ultimately returned to Israel and given a proper Jewish burial, though the son opted to pay the travel expense himself.

ZAKA has intervened in such cases “many, many times before,” says Weitzman. The organization works to ensure that bodies are returned to their families for “a proper Jewish burial,” explained the spokeswoman, though that burial need not necessarily take place in Israel.

Ultimately, says Weitzman, the goal of ZAKA is to provide closure for families like Aaron Tabachnik’s.

{Yair Israel}


  1. I’m disgusted by the comments here. Yes, Kol Ha Kavod for Zaka, BUT we lost a brother because he felt he felt empty and hopeless. And all we say is Good Job ZAKA?! May his once bitter neshama rest in peace and don’t have to come back in this world to make a tikun again. May the effected one be comforted.

  2. Hello this my name is Yona lunger the director of ??? ????????? I don’t
    Know who rights this story. BUT who ever did right it has no idea
    What really happend he did not die in any gun place
    He died in his own bed. So on. And ZAKA had noting to do
    With STOPING any thing and NON of there lawyers nether.
    ???? ??? is still in the freezer from June 14 that’s over 6 weeks
    And we lost the case in court by judge Speiser. We did ??? file an
    Appeal. And zaka dos not evan know about that.
    Because I’m still waiting for them send us money
    As thay promised. The only Organzations involved now are
    Misaskim Mr Wile In NY and in UK Danny and Rabbi Isack Leader also
    Known as Rabbi 911- now if any one would like
    To help in this great mitzvah We need every one
    To Sighn the PETITION please go to the numbers are mega important. For any more info E mail me [email protected]

  3. Hello everyone, i am the sister of aaron tabachnik ?”? the deseast, he is my father’s son. every thing in the articl is a lie! and every thing that mr YONA LUNGER wrote here is all TRUE and me and my father is in touch with Yona every day and every night, i will thank him FOREVER for EVERTHING! thank GOD for sending him to us at the right time.
    if any one have a dout you can call YONA 305-300-9662
    or me 052-3942290

  4. look yonah, although this story is missing details, we need MORE PR, maizav, please stay on this stoty and update it Aron tabachnuk should become a household name ;ike shalom rabashkin , gilad shalit and jonathan pollard. Misaskin, chesed shel emes and ZakA, WHERE ARE YOU???? wHY ARE YOU SLOW ON THIS ONE??? YONAH LUNGER CANT DO THIS ALONE AND NEEDS YOUR HELP. THIS IS KLAL YISRAEL’S PROBLEM AND SHOULD BE FRONT PAGE NEWS DB LAKEWOOD


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