ZAKA Chairman Meshi Zahav: ‘Enough, I Have No More Strength’


ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav, who arrived at the scene of the serious accident that killed 8, including six children, near the Dead Sea, calls on Israeli citizens to increase their attention while driving on the roads.

“I’ve experienced and seen all sorts of attacks and disasters for 30 years, but every time you come to a disaster where children are killed and burned – you can’t stand it. I have no strength.

“What for? Because of lack of attention. Look at the results. Wake up – there’s an orderly road here, only lack of attention caused this,” emphasized Meshi Zahav. “The vehicles were excellent, they could see each other; only the lack of attention.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. When I see frum people using their cellphone while driving I want to scream!!! All the time, waiting for a light, stop sign, actual driving, waiting for a school bus. The kids in the back seat on phones!! Gevald!
    Guess what you are not frum you are CRUM!!

    • But the Mosdos are more concerned wether the Father wears a white shirt or not. Hat and jacket for davening. I agree. Sick world.

  2. If you drive and text, read emails or messages – you have a Din of a rodeph aside from being meshuga
    STOP this crazy behavior before you c”v hurt someone or yourself
    Even talking on a Bluetooth is distracting and dangerous


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