Yungerman Whose Hand Was Crushed in Matzah Bakery to Get Compensated 50 Grand


The Yerushalayim Magistrate Court ordered a Beit Shemesh matzah bakery to pay $50,000 compensation to a 34-year-old yungerman whose hand got crushed in a rolling machine while he was baking matzos with a private chaburah.

The yungerman was drying the machine’s rollers with paper after a cleaning session when the rollers suddenly began turning in the opposite direction and mangled his hand. Surgery included the partial amputation of a finger and left him unable to handle small objects.

The man’s lawyers argued that the factory owners were negligent in not fencing off the machine, in not having a cut-off mechanism installed in the machine and in having no supervisor at hand. Members of the chaburah were not informed of the danger involved in using the machines and no warning signs were present.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. 50k for a loss fine motor function for life?! All due to bakery’s negligence in posting warnings about, and safeguarding a dangerous machinery. The life time loss of wages alone, even without any punitive damages, should be calculated at least $1mil. Israel has some messed up justice system.

  2. I would think it’s necessary to explain why this was in a court and not a Beis Din! First comment talks about a messed up justice system without even questioning what the Torah has to say about this. The only thing messed up is our view of the world and the the lack of seeing things the Torah way.

    • Dear 3:05pm, Torah would say all 5 categories. 50k is not even remotely close to satisfy sheves and ripui in this case. Even goyishe American courts recognize a need to reimburse for medical costs and lost wages. So yes, Israeli court system is messed up either way you look at it: it’s not a din Torah, and it’s not even attempting any kind of justice through a secular logical reasoning that they profess.

  3. Nezek, tzar, ripuy, sheves, boshes. I doubt the amount quoted compensates for all 5 categories of nezek. But, when was the last time the Israeli court opened a Choshen Mishpat?

  4. #3, those 5 are only when the injury was done directly (Adam Hamazik). In a case like this perhaps it has a din of Bor and only Nezek is paid.

    • How about a bomb attached to a car’s ignition – would you say that a bomber is potur since it was a victim deazik anafshei?

    • Must disagree with you, Edinger. He knew it was a machine, but he didn’t know it was a dangerous machine. Can you camouflage a bor to look like a minor ground indentation, then claim that you are potur since a victim saw a minor ground indentation?

  5. The point of the comment was how nobody bats an eyelash at the fact that the case was in a secular court. As for all the opinions about what the Chiyuv is according to the Torah, I suggest people here understand that Halacha is a bit more complex than the first thing that comes to your mind. Only a qualified Dayan can answer and only after he has all the relevant details! Some of the comments are on target and some are not, but you don’t diagnose a patient if you are not a doctor, and you shouldn’t think you can Pasken a Choshen Mishpat question.

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