Yungerman Offers One Year of His Life for Rav Elyashiv, The Posek Hador Sits Up


rav-yosef-shalom-elyashivThousands around the globe are davening for the health of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, and this  past week, an avreich in Yerushalayim took one step further, offering one year of his own life for the Ribono Shel Olam to lengthen Rav Elyashiv’s life.

The yungerman, identified only as Aharon, told the Israeli chareidi media that he thought over the offer carefully and was completely serious. Before making the offer official, he spoke to multiple rabbonim and poskim, he said. The rabbonim advised him to speak first to his mishpacha. His wife and children agreed to let him make the offer, he said.

“On Shabbos, I took it on myself to give one year of my life for Rav Elyashiv, and I immediately felt great simcha,” Aharon said. “During krias haTorah, a man asked me why I was smiling,” he said. “When I told him, he asked me if I would have given a year of my life to his rebbe, the admor of Satmar. I told him that of course I would. I would give to any of the gedolei Torah. I would give to Rav [Chaim] Kanievsky and Rav Ovadia [Yosef], who are the protectors of our generation.”

He explained why he made his offer: “In our times, the gedolei Torah are our pillars of support. Without them, we could not continue our way of life properly. We need Rav Elyashiv and the rest of the great gedolim of our dor, so that they can show us the way and protect our generation.”

As for the condition of Rav Elyashiv, the posek hador remains in very serious condition at Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in Yerushalayim, where he was removed from his medically induced coma. Doctors are encouraged that he is responding, but they add that Rav Elyashiv is still in critical condition. Today, for the first time since he was hospitalized, Rav Elyashiv was able to sit up, which is considered a positive sign.

As reported here on, last week Rav Elyashiv underwent a tracheotomy, allowing Rav Elyashiv to breathe without the use of his nose or mouth.

Klal Yisroel is asked to continue davening for Rav Yosef Shalom ben Chaya Musha.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Narishkeit, so if 100 people donate, Rav elyashiv will live till 201? Besides what right dies he have to do such a thing, we don’t sacrifice one life for another, no matter the “value” of each individual, this comes up in brain death all the tome, just because thus yungerman is brain dead doesn’t mean he can sacrifice a year for another. And finally why dies he have to announce it to the press? Or does he want a giant pat on the back.

  2. 1) Where does one get the audacity to so called claim his years are “his” and that he’s entitled to give them away.?! We were taught that every second of life is a matana from Hashem so how would I dare start dispersing years to others?!

    What’s the publicizing all over internet?? the gedolim told him to do it quietly, then he interviewed with all the news sites….

    With all due respect & with all good intentions involved this articles reeks no good!!

  3. once again someone does something incredible and tha ariv rav are quick to condem whether it is right or wrong ( It is a well known story in Radin that one of the roshay hayeshiva got sick and bochorim were menadev time to them The Chafetz Chaim gave 2 minutes which was a very valuable amount of time to the tzadik)Either way look for the good and if not keep quiet May the posek hador have a refuah Shelama

  4. This ranks up there with the bigesst shtus I ever heard.
    And for matzav (and others) to promulgate the narishkeit compounds it manyfold

  5. Does this yungerman know how many years he has left before he gives away a year? What if chalila he is only going to live to 40 is he so eager to make his wife an almana & his children yesomim a year early chas v’sholom? What if he was going to die 11 months after his youngest daughters wedding is he willing to give up his life a month before her chasuna? I believe that its pure gaava on his part plus the belief of being invincible and that he’ll live to be an old man. Therefore he figures a year of his life when he’s 90+ is not so bad to give away.

  6. Why repeat this story?! Shtus vihevel! Everyone knows the famous story with the chofetz chaim! I guess Purim is around the corner!

    P.S. If this is such a true story, yippe, we can stop davening for Rav Eliyashuv because now he’s got at least another year! No need to worry! Whew! B”H, all is well!

  7. This premise of the whole post gives credibility to utter nareshkeit.

    Your headline creates a ridiculous connection to this nareshkeit.

  8. your title in the article is clearly connecting the avreich’s act with the progress of the gedol hador, you should be very careful what you post.

  9. Sifrei Kodesh teach us that Adam HaRishon gave 70 years of his life so Dovid Hamelech would not die at birth.
    That is why Adam lived only 930 years.
    Why the skeptism

  10. The semichus listed in the headline reminds me of a famous story with Rav Hutner, zt’l.
    One of the leaders of the reform movement, (I forget which one) a professor in Hebrew Union College, once met Rav Hutner and reached out his hand in greeting. Rav Hutner refused to shake his hand.
    The other man asked, “Am I not human enough to deserve a simple greeting?”
    Rav Hutner responded, “I am not against greeting you. However, I am afraid that you may have been at work today. And tomorrow’s headlines will proclaim:
    “Professor Ploni was at Hebrew Union College yesterday, Shakes Rabbi Hutner’s hand.”

  11. as i am typing this for some odd reason which i dont know,I am listening to a JEWISH song(unlike most people)that sings how jews help each other in every MATZAV no mater what and no matter who.
    I dont understand what the problem is.Please explain it to me
    #3-what are you in awe for?The person or the nonsence of the first 2 comments?DO you also SIT (pun intended) in awe

  12. When Reb Elya Meir Bloch Zt”l was sick a Choshuva yungerman put in a kvittel in the Aron hakodesh with Giving some of his years to the Rosh Yeshiva
    I would join other people in being menadev some of my life to such a gadol
    I’m realistic that he won’t live to 300 if thousands give a few days up, but we have to do our Hishtadlus. Any givers?

  13. There is a famous mayse with the Chofetz Chaim where someone was gravely ill (I don’t remember if it was a Talmid or who it was) and the Talmidim of the Chofetz Chaim began giving up from their lives to the choleh. They approached the Chofetz Chaim to ask him how much he would be menadev. The Chofetz Chaim responded that he won’t give anything (or maybe a couple of minutes). Every minute to serve Hashem is too precious to give away (some think like that, not sure of exact hesbar). As you can see I don’t remember the story perfectly, however, my impression from that story was that the Chofetz Chaim was saying about himself but wasn’t rebuking the Talmidim for doing it or saying that it is not something to do.

  14. By that logic, we shouldn’t be giving any tzedaka either, as that is also a matana from Hashem.

    The greatest thing we can do with our lives is be makdish them to kedusha. There are many paths to accomplishing this, and we should all stand in awe of the mesirus nefesh that this man is willing to go through for kedusha.

    Regarding the publicizing though, there you have a point.

  15. How does one give away a year of their life? Of course it is very special to want to do such a thing for a Gadol. But one just has to ask his wife and children if they mind if he dies a year early and then he “tells” Hashem to give w year of his life to Rav Elyashiv?! Everything is in the hands of Hashem – He decides how long every person whould live. We don’t pass around years of their lives to those who are sick. Of course, we should continue davening for Hagaon Rav Elyashiv, as the whole world rests upon his shoulders.

  16. How does one give away a year of their life? Of course it is very special to want to do such a thing for a Gadol. But one just has to ask his wife and children if they mind if he dies a year early and then he “tells” Hashem to give a year of his life to Rav Elyashiv?! Everything is in the hands of Hashem – He decides how long every person should live. We don’t pass around years of their lives to those who are sick. Of course, we should continue davening for Hagaon Rav Elyashiv, as the whole world rests upon his shoulders.

  17. As usual… the cynics will find a negative thing to say about someone that wants to do something more than just talking.

    Why is it that this people surface all the time ruining any beautiful deed anyone can do?

    I read a positive thing..namely a desire to give oneself for the life a a Tzadik is that new to the Jewish people? GRRR for the cynics and Bravo for the yungerman Aharon!

  18. I wish the cynics could get real for once.
    As if this is the only instance where we’ve seen one person offer to give time off their own life for someone else.
    As other posters have mentioned, Adam haRishon was the first to do so.

    Matzav, I do, however, think you went overboard with the title. That this yungerman was willing to give a year of his life to Rav Elyashiv is beautiful. But it is not for us to infer in a headline that that’s why the gadol hador sat up. The NY Times and other publications do this all the time to skew readers’ thinking and impressions. Let’s not do the same.

  19. to rabbi avraham goldstein
    so why did he have to tell every one, do it quietly and also you see how much the chofets chaim cared about life who is he to just give away
    a YEAR

  20. #18 this is #3 and I am in awe of the person. I did not have the courage.

    To all those who belittle and deride. This is no ordinary situation and we are told is permissible and a big mitzva. All the questions raised have answers (e.g. what if he does not have a year to live? why publicize? how do we know it was accepted? Can one do on Shabbat?) but it is not my place to teach. Ask a shalia from someone who knows, I did.

    We must keep davening for HaRav the Posek HaDor to regain his strength and to be able to answer our questions, and that he should have many more years of healthy life.

  21. IT HAPPENED BY TALMEDEI BALL SHEM They gave a certain amount of years, which a Tzadik got better and lived, after he got better one of the Tzaddikim said don’t worry nobody is going to lose years as is written “Boruch Poide – Imatzil”
    and for those that mock “EIREV RAV”

  22. The time donated is valued relative to how the donor values his time by the standards of value determined by the recipient…

    in short if you waste your time posting comments your entire life donated would amount to a few nanoseconds

  23. If anyone on here dosn’t yet understand why our Rebbe’s and Rosh Yeshiva’s don’t stop yelling that the internet is traif you read one page like this one and things should clear up. If you have a hard time beleiveing somthing you hear. Work hard to keep your quiet. True, I and most of you dont know %100 if this story is true, We ned to work hard on our Emunah. But if we start mocking it like it couldn’t even be true, it brings to Apikorsas and who knows what Chas V’Sholom. What if some one has hardships in yidishkeit are these comments supposed to be him mekariv to hashem?
    The Heiliga Yismach Moshe son was once on the way to his father s city. When he csme in the house. The gabbi or some on in the room said uh “er iz do” The Yismach moshe grabed his cane and peltz and ran to the door. The Gabbi asked the Rebbe where are you running? its your sone he’s in the house already. He turned back disapointed. oy, you said “er iz do” I was sure Moshiach is here already. so I wanted to run out and greet him. Thats how a yid is supposed to think.

  24. All of the above comments notwithstanding- and I think that comment #7 makes an excellent point_even if the individual is totally wrong or outrageously foolish I am impressed at least by his admiration for the posek hador. In today’s day and age where so many people are critical of Torah giants, this person’s ha’racha is quite impressive if nothing else


  26. “Chafetz Chaim gave 2 minutes which was a very valuable amount of time to the tzadik” he learnt 2 munits for that rosh yishivas zechus didnt give him 2 minutes

  27. to commenter no. 35

    For some reason not understood by me news always means bad news!

    Dont you think is refreshing to hear something like this? a story of self sacrifice?
    I have a major problem with the frum world!
    we are not defending ourselves from the constant
    attacks that we are expose to. We are loosing many people young and able to the abyss of assimilation and self hate. When we hear someone doing something courageous we should applaud and talk about it to inspire us!

    Its time to Talk and let the world hear the voice of Yaakov!

  28. To Rabbi Goldstein #45, thank you!

    To all the belittlers, all over history and especially in european tragedies, jews have been moser nefesh – mamash – for fellow jews without hesitation. How many of us would not even have been born, were it not for fellow jews who risked and often lost their life? You really have so much trouble believing this? Please talk to your grandparents.

    PS If you’ve had a look at a left-wing chiloni newspaper, there is a very respectful article about the Rabbi.


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