Young Israel To The New York Post: Your Abhorrent Headline Warrants A Heartfelt Apology


menachem-stark3The National Council of Young Israel issued the following statement today regarding the controversial New York Post cover which displayed the image of a slain individual from Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community next to the phrase “Who didn’t want him dead?:

“The National Council of Young Israel condemns The New York Post in the strongest terms possible for its incomprehensible decision to publish an offensive and despicable headline in conjunction with the brutal murder of Menachem Stark.

As a grieving family struggled to come to grips with the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one, The New York Post displayed a callous indifference to any semblance of human decency when they printed such a shocking and sickening cover targeting the deceased.

In light of its incomprehensible and inexcusable actions, we call upon The New York Post to issue an immediate and heartfelt apology, not just to all New Yorkers, but to the Stark family for needlessly adding to their pain as they buried their child, husband, and father.”

{ Newscenter}



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