Young Israel of Memphis Thanks Local Firefighters on Thanksgiving             


Thanksgiving is a wonderful and obvious time to stop and say “Thank You” to some very important people whom we don’t often recognize — our local firefighters. After all, rather than spending Thanksgiving at home with family and friends, those hard-working heroes spend that day on duty keeping our neighborhood safe.

Sharing some Shul-made pies and Thanksgiving cards with our local firefighters on Thanksgiving is a great way to express our appreciation. Young Israel of Memphis thanks the many children and parents who joined together at Shul on Sunday morning, 11/18/18 to create appreciative cards, and prepare / bake ten mouth-watering pumpkin and sweet potato pies. Taking part in these activities was also a fun and meaningful activity for all the children involved.


On Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, 11/22/18, Young Israel brought more than 50 adults and children together to say “Thank You” to our firefighters at Memphis’ Fire.


The children presented their ten Shul-made pies, as well as their hand-crafted Thanksgiving cards to the very appreciative — and noticeably touched — firefighters. The firefighters gladly treated our entire group to a tour of their fire-station, gave us a close look at their equipment, and even let the children climb through one of their trucks. This year, the firefighters even presented each of the children with a red plastic Memphis Fire Department replica helmet. (That was a huge hit!)

Visiting — and thanking — our local firefighters on Thanksgiving helped the children gain a deeper appreciation of our local heroes, and made the day so much more meaningful for all parties involved.




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