Yossi Piamenta & Co. at Chavrei Hakollel


piamenta[Video below.] A large crowd gathered late last night at Chavrei Hakollel of Lakewood for an informal musical melava malka with Yossi Piamenta and his band. The event was the latest in the wonderful work and programs of Chavrei Hakollel, whose motto is that each child and every young man is special and will succeed when given the chance to do so. Chavrei Hakollel’s founders, Rabbi Simcha Greenwald, Rabbi Chaim Karp, Rabbi Yishai Ghoori and Rabbi Binyomin Greenspoon, have created a bais medrash environment that accommodates anyone who seeks to enter.

Chavrei Hakollel features a full-day kollel, Zichron Binyomin Yosef, led by Rav Yosef Zimbal, Rav Gershon Eisenberger and Rav Yaakov Rubin. Rav Shlomo Holland is the mashgiach of Chavrei Hakollel.

At last night’s event, pizza was served and many local residents joined the boys of Chavrei Hakollel to watch the musical performance. Reb Robbi Betesh, who runs many of Chavrei Hakollel’s programs, was one of those who joined Yossi Piamenta and Co. in performing for the crowd.

To watch video clips of the event, click below:

{Video: Shalom D. Mansfield-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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