Yoo: Trump Blaming George W. Bush for 9/11 Is a ‘Kooky, Conspiracy Theory’


Donald Trump is embracing a “kooky, conspiracy theory” when he blames President George W. Bush for the World Trade Center terror attacks, John Yoo, a former deputy assistant attorney general under Bush, tells Newsmax TV.

“I was very disappointed to hear Donald Trump patronizing this kooky, conspiracy theory — something that you would expect only from the far left fringes of the Democratic Party,” Yoo, a law professor at UC Berkeley, said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner ripped into George W. Bush during the last GOP presidential debate, as he dismissed the argument of Jeb Bush, who is also seeking the White House, that his brother had kept the nation safe following the attacks.
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“I found [what Trump said] inexplicable. I think Jeb Bush got it right. He said Donald Trump was building a reality TV show while his brother was doing the very hard work of trying to keep our country safe during these terrible, terrible attacks,” Yoo said.

“This is something that no president could’ve anticipated. It was really a question of what do you do in the aftermath and I think the record of President Bush speaks for itself.”

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  1. Trump is a little cry baby sore loser. He is turning out to be another Romney. Attack your “fellow” Republicans & then fold like a cheap camera against the Democrats. Trump is a Democrat plant to ensure a Hillary victory. Trump even donated to Hillary’s campaign. He is a phony with an out of control temper.


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