Yitzchok Gross: Where Are My Sisters?


yitzchok-and-michoel-grossYitzchok Gross, 7, and Michoel Gross, 5, are both at Schneider’s Medical Center in Petach Tikvah, hopefully on the road to recovery.

It is now a week and a half since the children of R’ Shimonhttp://matzav.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifand Michal Gross of Yerushalayim were accidentally exposed to a chemical agent, Phosphine, left behind by an exterminator.

Yitzchok’s and Michoel’s sisters, Yael, 2, and Avigayil, 4, both passed away following the incident. Yidden all over the globe continue to daven for Refoel Yitzchok Eizik ben Michal and Chaim Michoel Shlomo ben Michal, who met each other and spoke to each other for the first time since the incident.

Yitzchok and Michoel are both breathing on their own after having been unconscious, but they are not out of danger and R’ Shimon and Michal ask the tzibbur to continue davening for them.

Yitzchok’s condition is improving rapidly and he has already started asking questions about his sisters. His parents have begun to tell him gradually that he will not see his sisters until Moshiach comes,  but Michoel has not been fully aware of what is happening around him due to his condition.

“Yitzchok is at a better stage and is recovering quickly,” said a member of the family, “while Michoel is recovering at a slower pace, but in both cases there is stabilization and a state of constant improvement.”

“When they were moved together, they reacted to each other and began talking,” said the boys’ zaida, R’ Yaakov Gross.

Today, Avigayil a”h would have celebrated her birthday.

All of Klal Yisroel are asked to continue to daven for the two brothers. May we hear besuros tovos.

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  1. Someone previously posted a link to complete sifrei Tehillim on behalf of the Gross brothers.
    More than 1,300 sifrei Tehillim were completed by Am Yisroel on their behalf via this effort!! These precious boys still need our tefillos – we want them to return to complete, robust health. Here’s the link again for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it before:

    Also, please say Tehillim and daven for the young yeshiva bochur Chizkiyahu Aryeh Leib ben Tova who was in a terrible car accident. Here’s his link:
    Tizku l’mitzvos. In the merit of our achdus and caring, may Hashem spare us more tza’ar and bring the geula sheleima bimheira beyameinu, Amein.

  2. Moishela told us last week…

    “…You’re going to see even more tragedies than we’ve seen this week. …if you don’t change there’s going to be more and more tragedies, Hashem Yishmor, more and more hardships, Hashem Yishmor, and in the end only those Jews that get the message straight, and really change their ways are going to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu.”

    Hodu l’Hashem ki tov, ki l’olam chasdo! Clearly, someone did Teshuva and mitigated these decrees. These events could have had much worse outcomes.

    Three Buildings Nearly Implode in Bat Yam

    Serious Accident Involving Bnei Torah

    Two-year-old Severely Injured in Fall on Mt. Gerizim

    Sderot: Two Youngsters Electrocuted; in Fair Condition

    Jewish Girl Abducted by Arabs in Broad Daylight, Escapes

    Bnai Brak: Two infants die suddenly Sunday morning

    If everyone will cooperate, we can bring Mashiach! today!!!!!

  3. #7: who on earth is this moshela you are talking about??? You don’t have to preach just think it in your own heart and let everyone think to themselves

  4. To Comment #4. from “Links for Tehillim” (and the other comments about Tehillim at the earlier reports of the story):

    Our intent in our Tefilos and our saying Tehillim is twofold:

    1.) To express the deepest thanks to Hashem for sparing the two sons in the G’zar Din and now granting them to have significant improvement.

    2.) To beg Hashem to grant them to have a full recovery.

    (We see a similar type of Avoda on the Yom Tov of Sukkos. The entire Yom Tov is termed “Z’man Simchosaynu” – “The Period of Our Happiness.” Every day of it, we exuberantly sing the special “Hallel” to Hashem — obviously to thank Him for the infinite good He constantly gives us. At the exact same time though, we also tearfully cry out to Him the extensive Tefilos of “Hosha Na!!” to beg Him to fully save us from the myriads of things that we need to be saved from.)

  5. To Comment #4. from “Links for Tehillim” (and the other comments about Tehillim at the earlier reports of the story):

    As I noted in my remarks at http://matzav.com/yitzchok-gross-opens-eyes-and-responds, along with saying Tehillim, we also need to set up a system of learning Mishnaiyos — with a plan that the entire Shas Mishnaiyos will be covered — L’Illui Nishmas the two deceased daughters: Yael Bas Shimon, A’H, and Avigayil Bas Shimon, A’H.

  6. (completion of my previous comment)

    And our special Limud HaTorah of Limud Mishnaiyos L’Illui Nishmas the two deceased daughters will obviously also be a gigantic Z’chus for a Refua Shelayma – a complete healing of, Yibodlem L’Chaiyim Tovim V’Aruchim – May they be separated for good long life, the two surviving sons.

  7. At the first report of the story at http://matzav.com/avigayil-and-yael-gross-ah and at the last update of the story at http://matzav.com/yitzchok-gross-opens-eyes-and-responds,
    I pointed out at length how this tragic incident should fully open OUR eyes to fully realize how exceedingly terrible these insectides (and other pesticides) are.

    Our realization of the extreme severity and outright danger of the modern synthetically created insecticides and other pesticides has two ramifications:

    1.) That we will completely stop using them.

    2.) That we will hold the industries that produce them FULLY RESPONSABLE for the destructions that come from them.

  8. (continuation of my previous comment)

    Yes, I am serious! Two infant girls just died and had to be buried. Plots in a cemetery are exceedingly expensive, and here there were TWO plots that suddenly had to be bought; who paid for them??? The mortuary fees for performing a funeral itself are also quite steep, and here there was a DOUBLE funeral; who paid for it??? If it has not been done yet, a Matzeiva – a tombstone, will have to be placed at each Kever – at each grave. A dignified appropriately engraved Matzeiva is also an extremely expensive item, and, again, here TWO of them will be needed; who will pay for them???

    Then there are, Yibodlem L’Chaiyim Tovim V’Aruchim, the two surviving, but severely injured sons. It is well known that even ONE day in a hospital (for just one person) is already a charge of well over a thousand dollars! And here, these two colossally harmed boys have had to be hospitalized now for several WEEKS, with exceedingly extensive specialized care;
    who will pay for it???

    That is right, who will pay for all of this???

    The parents????????

    The parents’ medical insurance????????

    The parents’ Kehila – community????????

    A G’vias Tzedaka – a charity collection????????





  9. (continuation of my previous comment)

    Now, the exterminator himself is NOT the person who is the villain in this picture; he was merely just doing what he was trained by his profession to do! IF, I repeat, IF the fact is that he did do something that was not according to the guidelines of his profession and was outright negligent, then maybe, MAYBE, he may have some liability. Of course, such a thing would have to be determined by a qualified appropriate Beis Din.

    The obvious villain in this story is the whole industry — yes, the whole insecticide/pesticide/exterminating industry! Its myriads of manufacturing corporations produce literally countless thousands of insecticide and other pesticide products. These numerous bug killing & weed killing items are intensively advertised in the media and are heavily marketed at all kinds of hardware stores, home supply centers, and even grocery supermarkets! In the “Yellow Pages” section of the telephone book of any even moderately sized urban area, there will be page after page after page after page of huge advertisements for professional exterminators.

    With all of this, most people understandably think that these things are an integral part of regular modern living.

    We are told (by the industry and its promoters) that these things are “SAFE” and “MILD” and “NATURAL DIRIVATIVES” and “YOU CAN EVEN USE THEM WITH FOOD” and numerous other lies and deceptions.


  10. So yes, the whole insecticide/pesticide/exterminating industry is the one who has to pay over here — and it has to pay big!

    It has to fully pay for ALL of the horrendous monetary costs that have thus been put on the family and on those who help them. Furthermore, the monetary costs include not only the CURRENT astronomical charges, they also include ALL FUTURE charges! Yes, if, Chas V’Shalom, after all of the intensive work the hospital is now doing on them, there are still remaining damages, and these damages will cause problems later on in their lives, the industry will have to pay for ALL of whatever will be the costs of those problems!

  11. “Let us look at the facts”, why don’t you direct your anger at the weapons’ industry? Which is aimed to killing humans, not pests.
    There might have been mistakes by the exterminator and by the clinic. The family has already stated they are not seeking anyone to blame.
    Finally I hope you realize that eating a tiny bug, which normally is not batul, is even worse than eating pork chops. Which is why pest control services are in high demand among observant communities.
    Are you sure you don’t owe any apologies to the many Yidden in the pest control business? See you on Yom Kippur.

  12. (Reply to comment #18 from “Reader” continued)

    3.) The commonly purported fear that without these modern insecticides, we would be overrun with bugs (and specifically for us Jews we would thus be committing the grave Aveiros of swallowing insects) is pure propaganda. There are numerous truly natural bug ridding substances and techniques that are not harmful to people. A tremendous amount of plentiful information about these methods has been available for many years. Especially now with the emergence of the Internet in the last two decades, a person can run a search for “natural pest control” or “non toxic pest control” or “non harmful pest control” and links to scores upon scores upon scores of web sites will be presented.

    Furthermore, there are professional groups whose task is to provide information on natural non-toxic pest control. A very prominent one is the “Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides” (“NCAP”); their web site is: http://www.pesticide.org.

    4.) This charge that without the modern insecticides we would be overrun by bugs, and specifically for us Jews we would thus be committing the grave Aveiros of swallowing insects, is not only completely false, it is a grave false insult to the previous generations. For it implies that the countless generations of Jews who lived before the development of these modern synthetically created bug killing chemicals, inevitably DID commit the grave Aveiros of swallowing insects!

    Yes, this charge is implying the absolutely ridiculous assertion that the Mogen Avroham and the Taz and the Bach and the Rama and the Beis Yoseif and the Ramban and the Rambam and the Baalay HaTosafos and Rashi and Rav Hai Gaon and Rav Saadya Gaon and Ravina and Rav Ashi and Rav and Shmuel and Rabaynu HaKodesh and Rebbe Meyer and Hillel and Shamai and Ezra HaSofer and Nechemya and . . . and . . . and even Moshe Rabaynu himself all were not or could not be properly careful from the Aveiros of swallowing insects because they did not have the modernly created insecticides!! But we, who DO have these modern concoctions, are all better than them!!!!!!

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