Yiddish GPS Tells You to Say Tefillas Haderech


yiddish-gps-smallGPS navigation software company Nav N Go is about to come out with a GPS navigation system for Yiddish speakers. The iGO GPS navigation system is designed for the chareidi market in Eretz Yisroel, providing more than 10,000 unique Jewish interest points – including the addresses and telephone numbers of thousands of shuls, makvaos and kosher restaurants. It also purposefully excludes non-kosher locations.

yiddish-gpsWhen the device is turned on, you first have to click “Amein” after reading Tefillas Haderech to continue on with your destination.

The Yiddish edition navigation system will be available in store in about a month and will cost somewhere between NIS 1,200 and NIS 1,499.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Navigadget}


  1. come on crazy, its just reminding you to say a short prayer for the success of your journey. If you don’t want to say then (a) don’t buy this GPS or (b) SKIP IT. Just hit “Amein” without saying the prayer . . .simple as that . . .

  2. Why make a comment for the sake of making a comment, it is a GPS that tells you when to say tefilas haderech: NO NEED TO COMMENT!


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