Yid Stabbed in Uman


breslov-clinic-umanThe city of Uman has proven to be less and less hospitable to the annual Jewish visitors who frequent there for Rosh Hashanah.

Tuesday night, a Jewish youth was stabbed in the head on Pushkina Street near the kever of Rav Nachman of Breslov by a local non-Jewish resident.

The youngster was taken to the Breslover medical clinic set up in Uman, where he received medical treatment from a doctor and medics. He was then taken in an ambulance to a hospital in Kiev.

The exact details of what occurred are still unclear, and local police are hunting for the attacker.

Local police advise visitors to refrain from traveling to remote and dark places in Uman.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Do you still need more proof that the amon am should STOP going to the Antisemitic Uman?! The locals HATE the Jews like poison! This goes back to, before WWII! Enough already! Time to stop this

  2. if 25000 yidden went to uman and each paid 1500 for transportation that s 37 500 000 plus food and accomodations it can run up upwards of 100 000 000 that definitely can resolve the tuition crisis i m sure that IF r nachman ztzal invited everyone to come visit on R”H he would ve been thrilled to have all that money go for limmud hatora especially those who go to ps because they can t afford to go to yeshiva i have very strong feelings that such a tzddik would not be matriach anyone to travel all the way to uman gedoile yisroel would rather get their own cup of water

  3. There are hundreds of kevarim of tzadikim all over Israel
    B’chasdei HaShem, no one was killed in Eretz Israel. That’s the place to be. That’s the place to go. That’s the place to spend your money, so that your brothers also benefit from it and not Jewish blood thirty hooligans.

  4. #3/9:
    Sorry to disappoint you, but Reb Nachman did say it. He did not say they MUST come, but that they should and that he wants them to, that Rosh HaShanah is his time. It is brought down in Breslover sefarim from the time of Reb Nosson, whom Reb Nachman designated to write down everything he said.
    Also, most of the people there come from EY, it does not cost $1500 to go unless one decides to fly in the last minute. As for the tuition crisis, a lot more money goes to Pesach hotels, that would be a much better start than Uman (and no, I am not a Breslover).

  5. Reb Nachman NEVER SAID anything about Uman rosh hashana. The only place were its stated is from a talmid Reb Nosson that writes Reb Nachman said “rosh hashana is for me” (wich in yiddish sounds better) which btw by most rebbes it was that way. IN NO DOES IT MEAN THAT AFTER Reb Nachman passed away theres is a need to go to his kever. This is a shtus like no other, it is a trend that ireversible.


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