Yeshiva Student Stipends Come to an End



Some 10,000 full-time avreichim received on Sunday their last-ever government stipend, ending a tradition that has been extant for 33 years. Since 1981, students who learn in yeshiva full-time have received around $1,000 a month, depending on family size, to help support their families, Arutz Sheva reports.

The legislation for the stipends was prepared by former United Torah Jewry MK Menachem Porush z”l in response to the difficult economic conditions full-time students often found themselves facing. Most of the students had received exemptions from IDF service, but were also prohibited from working part-time.

Arutz Sheva added that MK Meir Porush said that his father had “acted with great self-sacrifice 33 years ago to legislate the law providing stipends for yeshiva students. Only a new government will be able to introduce that legislation again, which some 75,000 small children are dependent on. Just in the last year thousands of families have been brought to poverty levels as the government has taken the last piece of bread from their mouths. All this because of hatred of those who learn Torah.”

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  1. Why is this site repeating the same rubbish as the rest of the news media?
    Since when did any avreich receive anywhere close to $1000?

  2. What an amazing z’chus the medina has had these past 33 years! Imagine…$10,000,000 every month went to support pure Torah. One shudders to think that little Israel, surrounded by vicious enemies, now stands exposed to such danger without the protection of the z’chus of Torah.

    Hashem Yerachem!

  3. Parnasah is from HaShem, I don’t understand what is so bad about this? Now hopefully it’ll come in a more kosher way, instead of from the Israeli government.

  4. I’m a Ben Torah who was raised within and continue to raise my children through the yeshiva system. I cannot understand what entitles the bnei Torah to government stipends. True thanks to MK Porush a whole generation and maybe even 2 have come to depend on it and it was good while it lasted but really why should a totally secular government run by real tinokos shenishbu be expected to understand the value of Torah learning and pay for it.
    Please don’t comment back that they fund other studies of arts & sciences because to a chiloni mind that all makes sense whereas Torah study is just religion which is foreign to most chilonim.

  5. Maybe, instead of the hate filled last lines, the author could express hakaras harvib for 33 years of support of Torah. Yes, the ride is over. It is sad. But what gives anyone this sense of magiya li?

  6. if we only had sufficient hakaras hatov for the 120 million dollars a year that the Israeli government used to be marbitz torah. Who knows how we could have changed history!

  7. Matzav and everyone else:
    Please STOP repeating the ridiculous idea that the government ever, ever gave anywhere near $1000 a month to full-time learners!!

    It is a bald lie concocted during the last elections here in EY.

    Even if you take the stipend plus Bituach Leumi’s kitzvat yeladim – that’s the money EVERY Israeli citizen is entitled to, depending on the amount of children in the family – it doesn’t come near $1000.

    Any avreich who made or makes $1000 a month is making it because of the generosity of private donations to his kollel. While it is proper to express hakaras hatov for anything anyone gives you ever, there is a huge difference between something in the vicinity of 700 NIS and $1000 dollars.

    And #8: In a Jewish state where there is no separation of church and state and the government presents itself as a democratic one, yes, there is every reason to say that if the government is subsidizing think tanks in the sciences and high-end opera tickets, then there is no reason they should not support “Talmudic think tanks” – i.e. kollelim and yeshivos – as well.

  8. Those criticizing the government of Israel are more than welcome to come and help change things here by becoming citizens and voting! I’ll understand though if you just stick to posting anonymous comments on Matzav…

  9. Money for yeshivas was a trap to attract Jews to the state of Israel and gradually assimilate the youth to Zionism….It was not working it only became an entitlement with no result for them….so they got “smart” and suspended it!


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