Yeshiva Demolished In Haifa


Haifa municipal workers demolished the interior plaster walls of the Yad Harambam Yeshiva in the city’s Ramat Begin neighborhood and removed its furniture, letting seforim and tefillin tumble to the floor. The staff and students of the yeshiva were celebrating a siyum at another location when this happened.

In Elul, the city ordered the yeshiva to vacate its premises in a senior citizen home.

The municipality said the demolishment was at the request of local people who complained that the yeshiva was attempting to take over a public building not designated for habitation.

The yeshiva registered a complaint with the police.



  1. This happened 6 weeks ago, on Dec 31 2017! On Jan 2 2018, an angry court ruled against the city of Haifa, and ordered them to restore the premises to it’s original condition, and pay all court fees. Not sure what has happened since then.

  2. Why should any frum Jew make aliyah when it’s easier for us to be frum in chutz la’aretz than it is in the so called “Jewish” state? Why do our brothers in Israel treat us so harshly and with such contempt?
    I don’t agree with the Neturei Karta or condone any of their shticklach, but there are times when I think they understand the psyche of the Israelis better than the rest of us do.

  3. i will accept your complaints about this when i hear you attacking yeshivot and other mosdot kodesh that violate zoning laws, safety laws, tax laws, etc. as evil as you see non-haredim, they all see you the same–except magnified in a mirror…..


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