Yeshiva Bochur Jailed for Wanting to Stay in Yeshiva Instead of Joining IDF


protest-bochurim-idf-prison-6An Israel yeshiva bochur, Shmuel Eizik Gabay, a talmid of Yeshiva Shaarei Torah Breslov, has been in Prison Six in Israel since last Tuesday.

The story began when the bochur got a call from the IDF recruitment office and was told to go down to the recruiting office in Yerushalayim. Shmuel Eizik went down and was told that he had been recruited for the army, having delayed a week in going down to the office.

He asked not to be enlisted due to his desire to stay in yeshiva and the judge sentenced him 20 days in Prison Six. The judge stressed to him that as soon as he signs that he is enlisting in the Israeli army, he will be released.

The bochur, who is said to be a diligent ben Torah, had never received a draft notice before. He is now in a jail with, largely, secular youth.

“A yeshiva bochur cannot be in a jail, because of the mentality of the secular and the hostile environment here,” he remarked.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. And that, my friends, is what true, good old-fashioned Zionism is all about. If we can’t dilute the spirituality of these black-hatter throwbacks in the streets or the IDF, we’ll do so in the jails.

  2. How long is the prison term, in general, for a Bachur that refuses to enlist? If its only 20 days & then he’s free to move on, maybe its kidai to go to prison with a bunch of Chevra together & this way they’ll be yotzi zein & they can return to the Bais Medrash unhindered.

  3. Some people will still have to defend the sinking ship of Zionism and its effects. The truth is that Moshiach is coming and there better be no usurper in the throne of Dovid Ha melech. to anyone still in denial…Zionism was a nighmare to the Jewisjh people. Next time….let us wait for Hashem to save us!

  4. To Izzy,
    The talmidei hagra and the old yishuv was in eretz yisroel before your zionist friends showed up and antangonized the whole world. YOU made the problem, you fix it. Don’t drag us in and try to destroy us in the process. It won’t work….We will sit as long as we have to BUT WE WILL NEVER SERVE IN YOUR ARMY !!!!!

  5. Izzy, the law of the land changed long after this young boy’s parents settled in the land. Perhaps you’d like to serve in his stead.

  6. izzy:what law of the land?everyone doesn’t have to serve in the army!women and arabs are exempt -yeshiva students should be too!!!!!

  7. #2:
    Sorry, Izzy, that was NOT the law of the land.
    The law of the land was that anyone in full-time learning, as well as clergy, could apply for and receive a deferment.

    Then along came A few politicians – against the opinion and will of the IDF and the country’s Minister of Defense – along with the super-leftist Supreme Court, and decided that the law was unconstitutional, which is a joke: how can something be unconstitutional in a country that doesn’t have a constitution?

  8. 14- your positive thats what the ramban says? the last time i checked israel didnt exist in the times of the ramban. just wondering!

  9. Poster no 14: if the Ramban were here today do you think he will worry about bucherim in the Army or about apikorsim ruling the Land of Israel? I cant comprehend the lack of common sense in some people.

  10. Those people who stick up for the Arabs saying they were there first just go join them in their villages then you’ll see what animals you’re dealing with. There is plenty of Arabic countries with loads of land. They just want to have this piece so they can have reason to fight. They were given Gush
    Katif didn’t begin to build it up just got closer to throw rockets


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