Yes– Affordable Healthcare is Available!



Over one million American families nationwide are using health-sharing as a means of facilitating sharing of healthcare costs among members. Jewish Americans are no exception – with thousands benefiting from an affordable healthcare system that maintains their values.  

United Refuah HealthShare, the first and only Jewish Health-sharing organization, and member of the American Institute of Health-Sharing, is a thriving community based on the principles of health, savings, and values. To date, membership spans 28 states…and continues growing! For good reason, too – as a non-profit organization, United Refuah HealthShare takes steps to keep costs low, without compromising standards of care or the values of its members.

Here’s how:


  • Low Administrative Costs:


United Refuah HealthShare operates with a low administrative overhead. After the first two months of membership, 86% of each member’s funds goes directly to share medical expenses.


  • Medical Cost Sharing:


Each member makes a nominal monthly contribution to their RefuahShare Account. After the deduction of a minimal amount used to cover administrative expenses, co-shares, and an annual pre-share amount, the balance remains in the account to be used to share in other members’ eligible medical expenses.


  • Your Health. Your Choice:


It’s your healthcare, and United Refuah respects your choice of providers. Additionally, the advisory services offered through United Refuah HealthShare assist members in navigating the healthcare system, to enable members to utilize the best combination of quality and price.


  • Putting the “Health” Back in Healthcare:


United Refuah utilizes integrated healthcare management, via BowTie Medical, to keep their members healthy. Members commit to living healthier lifestyles which generally results in fewer medical incidences, lower costs per medical incident, and much more rapid recoveries. United Refuah HealthShare also offers members complimentary unlimited access to telemedicine with board certified physicians, as well as significant savings on prescriptions, dental services, vision care, and durable medical equipment.


  • Shared System of Torah Values


United Refuah is based on the moral and Torah principles that it is an inherent obligation for members to maintain their health and wellness and to promote the best life possible for themselves and their families. Moreover, members do not share in procedures that run contrary to Torah values or are medically unnecessary.

For more information or to become a member, visit or call 440.772.0700.

United Refuah HealthShare is not an insurance company and does not offer insurance.


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