Yerushalayim: Woman Injured After Being Hit By A Truck


An middle aged woman was injured tonight  in a car accident on Eretz Chafetz  in Yerushalayim.

The woman was hit by a truck and taken to the Hadassah Ein Karem hospital with a completely broken leg. The accident took place near a work site, where an illegal building was demolished.

An MDA spokesperson stated:

“I immediately arrived at the site and after the initial treatment we gave her at the scene of the accident, together with an ambulance team of Ichud Hatzala, she was evacuated to continue receiving medical treatment in the hospital when her condition is defined as difficult.”



  1. The heading of the article reads:
    “women injured after being hit by a truck”

    Her injury came only AFTER being hit?

    what kind of proofreaders does matzav have?!?!?!

    • Actually, she was hurt before the truck hit her, so she moseyed up to it for an alibi. The proofreader thought that would sound dumb so it was worded as above.


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