Yerushalayim Switches to Metal Trash Cans After Toeivah Protests Damage Plastic Ones


small-fireThe Yerushalayim Municipality has replaced dozens of plastic garbage bins with noncombustible metal ones, this after recurring riots in protest of the annual toeivah parade have cost the city more than a million shekels over the past five years. During the past few weeks, the new garbage bins have been dispersed throughout the chareidi neighborhoods of Meah Shearim, Geulah, Kerem Avraham and Shmuel Hanovi, where demonstrations have been held against the municipality and the local police’s decisions, including the authorization of the toeivah parade.


An additional 200 metal bins are expected to be placed throughout the city over the next few weeks.

protest1City Council Member Sa’ar Netanel (Meretz) found that the riots of 2008 cost the city 150,000 shekel ($36,000).


 According to Netanel, the June 2007 protests against the toeivah parade, during which some 300 trash cans were damaged, cost the city 200,000 shekel ($48,000), and the damages caused by protesters in 2005 were estimated at 100,000 shekel ($24,000).

{Yair Israel}


  1. Extremism is the way of life in Israel.
    Why do we find it unusual that a secular Chemistry professor (would do a despicable act) would destroy an eruv, when examples of extreme behaviors of private and public property is rampart in the Charedei world?


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