Yerushalayim Resident Blasts Arabs With Selichos


mosque-muezzinsTalk about being creative.

Like thousands of others, the residents of the northern Yerushalayim suburb of Pisgat Ze’ev have long suffered from the loud mosque muezzins calling Muslims to prayer in the early hours of the morning.

Pisgat Ze’ev resident Yaakov Cheftzadi turned the tables on them by setting up powerful loudspeakers on his balcony and broadcasting the early morning Selichos being recited at the Kosel.

Beforehand, Yaakov announced, “Good morning, it is 5:40 in the morning. The Arabs think they are about to make things noisy for us. Look what we’re doing to them.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I was under the impression that the point of reciting selichos was to move us to repentance, not to annoy the neighbors. This isn’t just childishness, it’s a chillul HaShem. If he is disturbed by his neighbors’ loudspeakers, he can complain to the right officials.

    Or, even more creatively, he can get up at that early hour and learn some Torah to start his day off constructively.

  2. newsflash: we are in exile. If the muezzin’s loudspeaker is beyond laws and regulation, file a complaint, else purchase some ear plugs and have a nice and deep sleep. If this person (is sefardi and) now wakes up early to say slichot, awesome. Slichot are for Yidden (at this time of the month, for sefaradim) they are not for Arabs or any sort of goyim. Leave them alone and don’t disturb their sleep. We don’t use holy prayers for our aims…. if that person really must, let him blast rap music for the purpose of annoying neighbours in the early morning hours.


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