YERUSHALAYIM ON FIRE: Hafganos Light Up Kikar Shabbos



  1. Zionist Israel and North Korea have something in common. They are the only 2 countries enforcing the draft laws for women. What a shame!

  2. Kool
    These are our front line fighters for Torah in Israel against the atheistic government. Thank you hero’s from we here in America. Torah power. Vote Trump 2020.

  3. Unfortunately, tomorrow the Knesset Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security will vote on new regulations that could cause thousands of frum girls to lose their ptur. These hafganos are following in the path of the Chazon Ish who declared giyus banos to be yehareg ve’al yaavor.

  4. I can’t figure out if the comments are sarcastic or real. Does anyone really think hooliganism and anarchy actually get positive results anywhere? Setting fires and causing damage are never an effective way of convincing anyone that your message has merit. L’maan H-shem, where is the seichel in this world?!!

    • They sure do. Well, well proven in Israel. Gedolei Yisrael know what they’re doing. That’s the only language the Torah hater government understands.

    • You need loud and big and daily protests on all issues. Why aren’t there more protesters. Everyday there should be protests by Yeshiva boys who are nut cut out to be serious all day learners. Let them split the day. Half learning and half protesting.They can protest every day at tattoo shops on Jerusalem and stores open on shabbos. Most store keepers would either close down or close down on Shabbos. Then they can protest at the owners homes or close relative homes. They could give out Torah material to the young secular kids attending secular schools in Jerusalem. They need to expand the closing of streets on shabbos to include more blocks each week. You don’t have to burn the city down. All you need is loud protests continuously. And most important is for chareidi Jerusalem is to elect a chareidi mayor. The chareidi establishment are actually the problem. Here is an example that no one knows about. A number of years ago when the Karta parking lot at mamilla mall opened on shabbos it brought out weekly protesters. I went to see the parking lot management during the week. They told me to bring by 800 cars on Friday and keep it there till Sunday morning and they would put out a sign for shabbos FULL. Or they would do the same thing if I gave them a check for twelve thousand dollars each week. I went to speak to the protest organizers. It would be easy for them to get leading rabbonim to get their followers to park there cars over shabbos in the lot. After a few weeks the government would give up and busses bringing tourists would not come on shabbos. Guess what the response was. We are not interested in stopping the protests (which was causing mass arrests and some bloodshed) because we need the protests to continue as to give the not so passionate youth something to do. I then realized that sometimes the protests have nothing to do with stopping the issue. I recall about 16 years ago when Rav Chaim keniefsky shlita wanted a hundred thousand protesters to come out a day before the first scheduled Jerusalem toeiva parade. Not all the rabbonim agreed for they feared the innocent Yeshiva boys may be exposed to the Toeiva issue. So only 10 thousand came out to protest. The police chief at the time stated had there been a much larger protest they would of been forced to cancel the toeiva parade for safety reasons. Now every year it gets more in numbers and hardly any protesters. The following week a protest was organized by the rabbonim who refused to protest the toeiva parade,but against chillul shabbos. I knew this was going to be violent but the police had no clue. In their minds there is always small shabbos protests and the burning issue at the time was the toeiva parade which passed without much fanfare with 1200 marchers. That Friday night about 50 thousand chareidim came out to daven the friday night davening in the streets. Next day protests began with a vengance. Over three million dollars worth of damage was done to city property as protests continued into Sunday. Every crossing light and sign was vandalized. But it was a week too late. The rabbonim who did not listen to reb Chayim tried to scare the government by showing how dangerous chareidim can become much like how the blacks got their equal rights in America. But the israeli government did not catch that message. And in every toeiva parade they pay extra police with a cost of three million dollars in overtime. Reb chayim was right because had they stopped the toeiva parade 16 years ago it would be stopped. Today it is spreading into all of the major israeli cities including some who have large chareidi populations unfortunatly. With a third of Jerusalem being chareidi why can’t every street be closed on shabbos. Why are there 225 stores open shabbos. Why are there tattoo shops in Jerusalem.why did chareidim elect a mayor who try’s to bring in secular people into Jerusalem by opening the large fancy movie theaters and build high rise buildings as he knows chareidim are not waking up ten or twenty floors on shabbos. Where is the outcry. They could of elected a frum mayor not so long ago and chose a non religious one. Not one of the frum chareidi city council members were present to vote against the putting up of toeiva flags around Jerusalem streets. Only one voted against it and he was a musnachlim non black hat type. Time to become internal chareidim. Dressing the part and under the streimel the mind is secular is not what Judaism is about.

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