Yerushalayim Old City Cable-Car By 2021


A controversial plan to build a cable car from the edge of modern Yerushalayim to the Old City is soon to be presented to the National Infrastructure Committee and may be in operation by 2021.

The $57 million project will have seventy-three cars carrying 3,000 passengers hourly along a one-mile line. Leftists object that the cable car’s terminus will be located at the City of David Center, Arabs object that it will pass close to Har Habayis, and environmentalists object that it will spoil the city skyline.

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz believes cable cars may help solve Israel’s traffic congestion. He launched a new cable car system in Haifa several months ago and is working on similar projects in Teveriah, Afula and Carmiel. There are also plans to build a cable car between Ma’aleh Adumim and Yerushalayim.

{ Israel}


  1. I’m ok with gambling, cigarettes, marijuana, internet and alcohol but I can’t use cable cars because if people hear I use cable it could be bad for my Shidduch. I’m relying heavily on my Shidduch for support and if it gets ruined by cable I don’t know where my support will come from.

  2. They can make the cable cars bullet proof. Also more scary is this train that passes Arab areas and mixes Jews and Arabs in the train itself. There is always trouble. That’s more open to attacks from within and without.


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