Yerushalayim Municipality to Remove Tznius Modesty Signs in Chareidi Neighborhoods


tznius-signThe Yerushalayim Municipality has announced that it will remove signs requesting that women dress modestly in charedi neighborhoods, Arutz Sheva reports.

The signs have become part of the fabric of neighborhoods like Geulah and Meah She’arim for decades.

Recently, new signs have been spotted near the Kosel, prompting the Hitorerut organization to file a complaint at Yerushalayim City Hall. In response, the municipality declared that it would take action against all of the signs.

{ Israel}


  1. I am sorry, I disagree. The signs are for tourists (and I wish they were in english & french)

    And while I am certainly not Chareidi, I always dress respectfully because of the signs.

  2. Avodas Perach, they’ll take down the signs, but the signs will come back up. It’s a waste of time. There is also nothing wrong with a request, phrased so politely, on such an important issue.

  3. Believe it when you see it!

    They will have to expend endless resources to attempt to keep a few signs down in those neighbourhoods! It would be a laugh to watch them trying to take them down. Them and what army! gyunk gnyuk gnyuk!

    Big talk for a bunch of little woosies!

  4. All the other problems of the city were addressed already – now they’re up to this very, very pressing issue!

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