Yerushalayim Municipality Hands Out Free Holiday Trees


old-city-yerushalayim-gatesYerushalayim’s municipality has been distributing free holiday trees to happy locals in the Old City, with a friendly Santa walking up and down the walls urging Christians to pick one out from his collection.

Christian pilgrims have also been flocking to the ancient city. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is also expected to take part in the celebrations.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The only thing free the xtians gave us was free transport to the auto de fas, & the gas chambers

    Barkat – you’re a true talmid of Teddy

  2. Tosafos in the begining of Avoda Zora says that there is no real avoda zora today. Christianity certainly is not considered avoda zora. An X mas tree is a decorated tree and nothing more. It is certainly in bad taste but call a spade a spade. It aint anything to do with avoda zora

  3. I saw pictures of this. The trees looked like palm trees and were in pots so they could be planted. To be honest if I lived there I might have taken one for free and planted it outside. they are expensive.

  4. Clearly, none of the knee jerk protesters above stopped to consider – even for a couple of seconds – that there is a Xtian minority living in Yerushalayim. That group includes a lot of foreigners (see below) and native Xtians.

    If foreigners are treated well, and are shown hakaras hatov they will go home and spread the good word about Israel and its care for the Xtians in Israel.

    The Yerushalayim city fathers, in conjunction with the Keren Kayemet, gain considerable kudos, both in Israel and abroad, by being seen to help those minority Xtians to observe its religion and customs.

    Another point is that, by giving trees away for free there is no incentive for thieves and/or vandals to damage the forests around Yerushalayim by wantonly chopping down trees and dragging them home.

    Aside from that, had the naysayers engaged their brains they might have remembered that there are foreign consulates in Yerushalayim, not to mention the foreign embassies in Tel Aviv, and the international organisations operating in Israel, such as the UN peacekeeping and truce supervision groups, all there for one basic purpose: to report back to their home governments on what’s happening in Israel. Not every diplomatic dispatch reports on troop movements and new building projects, you know.

    C’mon you guys, try to think just a millimeter further than your own daled amot.


  5. #11, amazing, you are a genius. Could you please share your brilliant theory with the municipalities of the cities in the diaspora where jews have unfortunately to live? I am not requesting any freebies at the taxpayers’ expense, just some respect and protection from the local government, which indeed, as you so appropriately and sensitively remark, should see to it that every citizen or visitor is able to observe their religion and customs as they see fit. I am sure your theory will be very warmly received and a new golden era will dawn upon the western world diaspora. Please report here, we look forward to know the authorities’ replies.

  6. Good sense of humer Santa…

    Also #9 WELL SAID!!

    BE A REAL JEW!!!

    Take the trees and either plant ’em or sell ’em!

    Make some holiday money!

    I guees SANTA ISRAEL!

    You can reach us by: In the world: Santa Canada – Santa USA (and SANTA ISAEL!! LOL)

    I might get delayed coming to you ‘cus i need to give out….


  7. I am not requesting any freebies at the taxpayers’ expense, just some respect and protection from the local government

    What “protection from the local government” do you seek? Under which totalitarian régime and in which country do you live that you think you need such protection?

    More to the point, what has your paranoia got to do with a time honored custom in Jerusalem whereby the Keren Kayemet’s forestry department, in conjunction with the Jerusalem City Council distributes Xmas trees for Xtians?

    It might interest you to know (or, on the other hand, it might inflame you even more) to know that this pleasant custom dates back to the 1950s.

    For the life of me, and believe me when I say that I have tried very, very hard to do so, I simply cannot understand the logic behind your illogical and totally irrational objections.

  8. “Reader”, commentator #12,poses the question: “Could you please share your brilliant theory with the municipalities of the cities in the diaspora where jews have unfortunately to live?”

    Leaving aside R’ Chaim’s (#11) remarks for the moment, perhaps “Reader” could take a moment to tell us which are “the municipalities of the cities in the diaspora where jews[sic] have unfortunately to live”

    While “Reader formulates an answer to that question, perhaps she would be so kind as to tell us (a) in which diaspora city or municipality she has “unfortunately to live”, and (b)which “totalitarian régime” she lives under and in which country?

    Thirdly, just how has “Reader” been adversely affected by the generosity of the KKL forestry department and/or the Jerusalem municipality?

  9. where do i get them i have a Wood Burning stovre
    OH!!! or is it Ashurr B’Hanah LOL

    BUT truly a sad story
    and we a telling out American Brothers to come “home” and life here


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