Yerushalayim Girl Sets Fire in Shul to Get Back at Chareidim


kikar-shabbosA 15-year-old Yerushalayim girl has been arrested on suspicion that she lit a fire next to the aron kodesh of a shul in Yerushalayim on the evening of Lag Ba’omer. The girl claims that she wanted to take revenge for “chareidi harassment.”

The girl, a high school student, was arrested by police this morning, and brought before the court which extended her arrest until 11 pm tonight.

 During questioning, she said she wanted to get back at the chareidim in the area in which she lives who she says “harass her.” She said she simply bought a lighter, and entered the shul on Rechov Ponim Meiros whose door was open. She then set the amud and the aron kodesh on fire, and ran away.

Police continue to investigate the incident, but do not think there is any connection between this case and the two other arson cases in the city’s shuls – Toras Moshe, on Rechov Shmuel Hanavi and Or Hachaim in the Bucharian Shuk, where three Sifrei Torah were burned.

The tragic fire at Yeshivas Or HaChaim claimed three sifrei Torah. Sets of tefillin, sifrei kodesh and furniture were also consumed in the blaze, which took place in the beis medrash used by the kollel.  Talmidim and avreichim at the yeshiva said the fire broke out at 4:00 a.m., quickly spreading to the Aron Kodesh, the bookcases and the bimoh.Avreichim reported that according to the police investigation, the fire was caused by an electrical short above the Aron Kodesh. When a bit of the ceiling fell, it set fire to the Aron Kodesh, which was utterly destroyed along with tefillin, sifrei kodesh and writings by the avreichim kept in the lower part of the Aron Kodesh.

They said the beis medrash is in a modern building that was built to meet safety guidelines and that the Aron Kodesh was lined with protective metal, but due to the enormous heat the inside was like an oven, melting the letters of the sifrei Torah; some of the inner parchments were left without writing. Smoke detectors had been installed throughout the building, enabling firefighters to arrive quickly, but the sifrei Torah had already been burned.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. Sad! These Kids have so much hate. We must learn to express More Love to every human being. Its not that we don’t We just don’t express it enough.

  2. What goes around comes around. If you harrass enough people some of them will strike back.

    If this dosnt stop the next thing we may be hearing is that some guy got shot for throwing bleach on the wrong persons untznius friend in geulah

  3. this is mamish nuts…what is this world coming to??? this girl belongs in jail…a few hours isnt enough…kedusha was burned…HaShem please send us Moshiach…i know we are in galus, but this girl mamish is nuts…who agrees with me???

  4. It show that the previous comment about bleach or hate was made with no knowledge of the neighborhood in question! Mattersdorf (Ponim Meirot street)is a peaceful quiet neighborhood that has bordered with Rommema (Mem Gimmel street) from it’s start with such gedolim as Rav Scheinberg and Rav Ganz and never had problems with it’s less religious neighbors. It is more a community than a neighborhood that helps all its neighbors on all levels of yiddishkeit. There are always “yotzei mein ha’klal” but don’t judge the neighborhood by one story when there are hundreds to counter that story!!

  5. We don’ know enough about the story to put her to jail for life.We don’t even know if she was chareidi/chiloni. She might be mentally unstable….

    BUT it still is a devastating story…to lose so many divrei kidusha in a short amount of time…

  6. The media is to blame for this! They are constantly spreading vitriolik hatered against chareidim! It goes unchecked. There is never an articulate responce. It’s the same thing with the arab media spreading lies about Israel. There is NEVER a normal responce. We have lost the PR battle in a humiliating way! So what did you expect from this girl? She was only following what was drilled into her.


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