Yerushalayim Garbage Goes Hi-Tech


Since 2015, Yerushalayim’s garbage has been processed at the Greennet waste management facility, which recycles 40% to 45% of the city’s 1,500 daily tons of garbage, Jerusalem Post reported. This beats every other town in Israel. Even trend-setting Tel Aviv only recycles 35% of its garbage.

One of the facility’s greatest obstacles is the huge number amount of disposable diapers, which comprise ten percent of the garbage brought to its doors by a fleet of 250 trucks.

“We are in contact with one of the biggest diaper producers in the world and we are trying to develop the first recycling plant in the world to deal with this type of problem,” said company CEO Ofer Bogin.

Two years ago, most of the city’s garbage were sent to a Negev landfill. Bogin said that the need for landfills could be almost eliminated by building a waste-to-energy facility that uses organic garbage to produce electricity.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Burning poop to create energy! Well, Israeli politicians have much expertise with poop so maybe they can pull it off. Anyone think of a good job description title to advertise the new openings they’ll have for workers who will spend their entire day overseeing diaper poop recycle?

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