Yerushalayim Funds Shabbos Entertainment


It has been discovered that the Yerushalayim municipality inadvertently funded a public Shabbos entertainment named “Yotzrim Balaylah” contrary to the city’s regulations.

In recent years, the city initiated a Night Life program which, according to law, must take place on weekdays.

Examining 69 programs that took place in November and December, it was found that Yotzrim Balaylah got its budget fraudulently by claiming that its activities would take place on Friday during the daytime, but advertised its program as going on “into the night.”

The information has been transferred to relevant municipal authorities, who say that they will deal with the issue.

{ Israel News}


  1. Then you wonder why Trump is hesitating moving the embassy to Jerusalem. If you allow chillul Shabbos,toeiva paraded,tattoo shops and women of the wall to desecrate it’s holiness, than it can not be a true capital of the Jews at this time.


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