Yehudah Levin: “Kashauer Rov Will Shlep Me By My Peyos Out of Gehennom”


yehudah-levin[Video below.] Yehudah Levin has been all over the news, chareidi and secular, during the past few weeks, after first supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and then publicly suspending his support last Wednesday at a Manhattan church, calling on Catholic leaders to hold a conference on politics and toeivah rights.

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, subsequently called Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the New York Archdiocese to express regret that Levin held a political protest on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Levin was interviewed this week by photojournalist Shimon Gifter, and, as usual, held nothing back, challenging OU leaders to a debate, claiming credit for the residents of Lakewood who did not vote for Jon Corzine in last year’s gubernatorial elections in New Jersey, and more.

Levin also says that he has no doubt that the “Kashauer Rov will shlep me by my peyos out of Gehennom” in reward for his efforts to protect traditional marriage and stand up for morality.

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  1. sure!
    but how is he gonna find his peyes if its hidden behind his ear in a knot

    till the kashoer finds his peyes levin could already have 3rd degree burns!

  2. I have one question for you ” rabbi” Levin. You claim that you are following Rav Miller ZTL approach and that he approves of your tactics. That being the case, why was Rav Millers life devoted to Torah and Mussar only? Why was he not seen campaigning against left wing politicians in shuls? Why did he not go on lw life programs with low life hosts such as MSNBC and spread his views? You Levin, are a shame to Orthodox Jewry, the same way Neturei Karta is and you both distort the religion for your own political purposes and make false claims that you represent Torah Jewry. You are nothing more than a rabble rouser and the less attention you get , the better off Klal Yisrael is

  3. o STOP reporting on this man and giving him the media attention he craves. Enough of this Yehudah Levin already! WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE!!!

  4. thank you rabbi levin for speaking on behalf of klal yisroel

    The only thing I ask of this great tazadick is to also focous on other issues that apply more to us rather than they goyim…..


  5. Go Levin! You’re the man! He is the Frum version of Michael Savage. P.S. Shimon Gifter is a rising star on the Jewish scene + a great great guy!

  6. Question for Ben Torah/post #7: You claim Rabbi Levin is a tzadik. Have you seen his videos on YouTube where he explicitly states that he went to petition toeivah marriage and then a few months later 9/11 happened? So let me get this straight: 9/11 happens, in which FRUM people are MURDERED (yes-frum people from Brooklyn were killed)-and this man plays God and definitely states that its because of gays? AND YOU CALL THIS MAN A TZDIK?…How insensitive to the families of 9/11 for him to say that-and how arrogant to play God. And again, you call him a tzadik!

  7. He is a gibbor to be able to go against the tide and plow on, despite the potshots people take against him.

    ???? ??? ?’ ?????

  8. Rabbi Levin is right and it’s a massive chillul Hashem that other Orthodox groups are not concerned about supporting people who strongly push the Toeiva agenda.

  9. Count how many times this clown with the over-sized hat says “I”

    May the Kashauer Rav shlep him somewhere far so we can be spared his antics!

  10. #13

    of course it was/is a tragedy that frum yidden were murdered… rabbi levin would agree and so all of klal yisroel. THAT IS A WAKE UP CALL FROM HASHEM!

    however, we need leaders to point out why there are these tragedies.

    The fact this world is turning into another Sedom with the lack of morals Hashem is sending us a message.


  11. In his televised MSNBC interview Levin compares sitting in the brightly lit studio to being in a “concentration camp”.

    Need we say more?

    How unfortunate that Klal Yisroel has no acknowledged spokesman to whom the news media might turn for accurate quotes. How sad to realize that even an am ha’aretz d’oraysa can dress himself up in rabbinic clothes and claim to represent orthodox Jewry. It is a hefker velt and our only option is to ignore the lunatics and deny them the attention which is their lifeline…

  12. #22 how often? Rabbi Miller gave 35 shiurim a week. In one shiur, the Thursday night one he’d speak about on occasion, not OFTEN. Rabbi Miller never did any of Levin’s stuff. Levin puts ads up seeking attendance in his “shul” offering a great kiddush. Did Rabbi Miller do that? Or did Rabbi Miller quit his Rabbi job many times if they didn’t listen to him precisely about quiet during krias hatorah etc etc. How can anyone dare compare him in any way to a tzadik like Rabbi Miller whose focus in life was avodas Hashem. Politics to Rabbi Miller was a miniscule part of his avodas Hashem.

  13. i was a bachur learning in eretz yisroel when levin came to speak to tell the yerushalmis to make hafganas about the toeiva parade whwen all the majer yerushalaim rabbanim said not to threre where even signs from reb elyashiv shli”ta not to go to hafganos
    rabbi levin spoke by bais yisroel shtieblach to a group of laghing american bochrim and some yerushalmis he said in yiddish why do i “an americane buck” have to tell you to make hafganos “men darf flokeren in de gassen!!”
    later by the hafganos on kikar shabbos (which where no bigger than the other days)levin was by his sons apartmant on meah shearim rite off kikar shabbos (i lived in that building to) and he was standing like a cowerd telling his son to come in side the building what happened to flockering in de gassen? where is the mesiras nefesh?? PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!!

  14. Why do we all focus on the shallow part of this Rabbi and float right over the question that should be important to us. DO WE VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE WHO SUPPORTS TO’EIVAH????

  15. TO # 13
    He stated 9/11 happened b/c of this, the gemarah says very similiar things. (The Bnei noach are zocheh to live because they do not “write a kesubah” for zachar and behaimah. Thus if they begin recognizing marriages of zachar or behaimah catastrophe will strike.)

    True Tzaddikim were killed on 9/11, but we know tzaddikim die for the sins of the generation. They may have well died for sins they had no part of merely as a punishment to the dor. If only reshaim had died few tears would have fallen. It is the death of tzaddikim which causes the us pain.

  16. “…will shlep me by my peyos out of Gehennom”

    so… yehuda, if you are following in the footsteps of R’Miller Z’TL and continuing his holy work as you constantly claim… why would you be in Gehennom to begin with?

  17. Many of the comments here are written by am haratzim. Many of you critique Rabbi Levin for not writing in his speech and the orgonal video plus written speech proves that many of you have your own agenda. What makes you hypocrites is the fact that you have the chutzpah to degrade AND trash him on a public site. You should all be ashamed of yourself with the way you write about another human being. if you want to disagree then attack the policies of someone but why get personal?

    One last thought about the people who make fun that Rabbi Levin only has 15 people daven in his shul. Why does it make a difference how many people Rabbi Levin has? I grow up all of you and stop degrading those you disagree with.

  18. I am unconvinced that the Kashaur Rabbi or any rabbi for that matter will have any influence over ones ultimate trial.
    It has always been my understanding that such decisions are left exclusivley to “The Almighty”.

  19. To # 30:
    Wow, You really were yotzie the Aveira of “Motzei Shem Rah” lekol hadeyos! Why don’t you give your real name & phone #? You coward!

    I agree with #9. I would like to see a Levin/Gifter ticket.


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