Yeger Removed From Immigration Committee Over Palestine Comments


On Monday, the City Council’s leadership team met for more than an hour and decided to remove Kalman  Yeger from the immigration committee, The New York Times has learned. There was “broad consensus” that Mr. Yeger’s views were inconsistent with the committee’s mission, participants said. The decision comes days after Yeger made disparaging comments regarding the state of Palestine.

“I do not believe that someone who engages in the type of rhetoric we heard from Council Member Yeger belongs on the immigration committee, which is supposed to welcome and support immigrants in our city,” Corey Johnson, the Council’s speaker, said in a statement.

Yeger could not immediately be reached for comment Monday evening. He had been unapologetic about his comments during a news conference on Thursday. “There is no state by that name. There is no place by that name. That’s a fact. I didn’t make it up, I didn’t invent it,” Mr. Yeger said on Thursday.

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  1. Yeger better apologize or else. Apparently the yeger got played like a violin. If he apologize then there is a palistine. If not, he is out, no support and a palistine. We were outfoxed.

  2. Shame on NYC
    Shame on the Council
    Sad day for USA
    K Yeger – stand strong and ignore these antisemites
    The truth is stronger than their actions and you stand on the side of the truth
    In any case, you would not want to deal with the type of immigrants that DeBlasio would allow into NYC

  3. That’s disgraceful! I think New Yorkers should petition for his reinstatement! This is antisemitic, anti American and, I submit, unconstitutional! He should take it to court! AOC can say whatever she likes same with Omar. What he said is true and not connected in any way to New York City issues or its citizens. What they’ve said is wholly insulting to Americans and they can’t be removed because the constitution,’s second ammendment permits free speech. Sue Kalman!

  4. But yet Snoop Dogg can insinuate shooting President Trump and he’s applauded. Another female dog can threaten to blow up the white house and she’s given a pass.
    Freedom of speech is dead in the Democrat party. The party of Bob Casey. The DNC controlled media controls the narrative.

  5. wake up and smell the golus stinking…

    lets get ready for the american exodus… the meshech chuchme still gives us some time to chap arein another shtikel rashi and steak and tesla…

  6. A better question: why should NYC have an immigration committee altogether, as it is the federal government that legislates and enforces the immigration. Seems like the entire committee is irrelevant, and is used as an excuse to award fake titles of some nonsense committee member.

    • Good point. NYC under Big Bird has officially proclaimed itself to be an ILLEGAL Sanctuary City. This committee with whatever so-called laws they have is a total farce and waste of taxpayer money. Just shut the whole damn NYC Council down. Leave us alone already and let us suffer in peace.


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