YCT Graduate Rabbi Publicly Supports Same Gender Marriage and Relates It to Celebration of Chanukah


chovevei-torahRabbi Akiva Herzfeld, who leads a Portland congregation, is a graduate of the Open Orthodox Yeshiva Chovevei Torah. In a recent editorial,the YCT Graduate publicly supports same gender marriage and relates it to celebration of Chanukah.

Click here to read the column in the Portland Press Herald.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. YCT is not Orthodox. They have pushed the envelope too far & this “Rabbi” is the results. Let’s stop referring to them as Orthodox.

  2. Thank You so much, Matzav, for keeping us abreast of everything that’s going on with people who at one time learned in Chovivei Torah and are now a discredit to Orthodox Judaism.

  3. a complete chillul H-shem and disgrace. we need to stand and protest in the name of H-shem that same gender ‘marriage’ is not right, never was and never will be.

  4. What a disgrace. ???? ???? ????? ??? ????? and ????? ??? ?”?.

    Let us call on the school to publicly revoke his ordination, or face strong action itself.

  5. #14,

    “Let us call on the school…”

    Just in case you were unaware, the school teaches them this skewed and blasphemous ideology .

  6. Here we go again, with someone citing “Lashon Hara” in a situation where it is not.

    If someone publicly endorses something which clearly against the Torah, protesting against it is NOT Lashon Hara.

    Check the Hilchos Shmiras HaLoshon before you claim that something is Lashon Hara.

    This “Rabbi” is endorsing a lifestyle which was part of the Greek lifestyle that the Maccabees were fighting against. How ironic that he claims that the 2 situations are the same. Disgusting.

  7. I find this “Open Orthodoxy” to be just another reform movement. If anyone can give semikha to anyone with any standard of commitment, there is no meaning to the title of rabbi.


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