YCT Grad Hosts Keshet Toeivah Training at His Shul


chovevei-torahThis just in, via JTA :

A Denver, CO MO Rabbi, YCT grad, has hosted a ‘Keshet’ toeivah training institute at his Orthodox Shul:


“Is there perhaps a competition sponsored by YCT among their faculty and grads to see who can kowtow the most to the toeiva’niks?” asks one observer of YCT’s efforts.

The YCT Rabbinical school head’s blog reported that YCT just had as a speaker a modern rabbi from Israel who allowed a toeivah couple to have a kiddush in his synagogue’s courtyard for their new baby.

It is obvious that trying to break down opposition and remove mechitzos and gedarim between toeivah and the frum community is at the top of YCT’s liberal agenda, as it is atop the agenda of liberalism in general.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. If you read r’ Rapaport’s book it would’ve been clear long ago.

    The Yetzer Hara is not scared to start up with him… Once you let him in the door through the guise of making Yiddishkeit (and it’s Moshiach) more appealing etc. – he then becomes the big boss!

  2. I am afraid this is not exactly liberal but it may be permissive. Either way you look at it, outreach is a positive element of true kiruv, but if it is to be permissive that is not exactly the future of Israel to the stranger. But in reality, I have good hope that this YCT which I hardly know is an orthodox modality and will have positive experiences of acceptance and dignity shown to the person who is unorthodox or poor or unable to comply yet with Torah Values. If they can bring others to Torah, that is positive and to be encouraged. There is no liberal bias other than to accept the future where it lays and bring it to Torah. And that is dignity.

  3. Rabbi Adam Scheier, a graduate of YCT and the rabbi of the largest traditional orthodox shul here in Montreal, Sha’ar HaShamoyim, recently attended the installation ceremony of the new practicing toeveh woman reform rabbi at the reform “temple.” Even worse, he invited her to speak at his shul to give a shiur during the week. When asked in the local Jewish paper, The Canadian Jewish News if he would ever officiate at a same-gender ceremony, his answer was “Now is not the time.” YCT should be put in cherem as they are legitimizing and whitewashing a lifestyle that the Torah calls “abominable!” Shame on them!

  4. This is outrageous. It is shocking, but not totally surprising.

    This type of action, promoting toeivah, is like the things that brought the mabul. HKB”H promised that there won’t be another mabul and the siman for that is the keshes (rainbow). Ironic that they call their toeivah promoting group keshet, when it works to promote something that brought about the mabul.

    However, they shouldn’t think that they can do anything with impunity, just because Hashem said that there wouldn’t be a second mabul. HKB”H has many ways to make his displeasure known.

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  5. This is my same posting but with corrections. Please remove my first posting

    BMH, the “Orthodox shul” mentioned as being in Denver was never an “Orthodox” shul. It never had a (kosher) mechitza – and for at least the past sixty years no mechiza at all. (I do not think they ever had a mechitza.) Their “Rabbi” Dr. Hillel Kavaur was a true maskil always “reading” (his words) the Talmud but not believing in Torah MiSinai and many other basics tenets of Yiddehkeit. He was a learned man – familiar with the teachings of Socrates, Aristotle and “appreciation” of the Talmud
    About 20 years ago the BMH organized a “Mechitza minyan downstairs in order to maintain their membership with the OU. That is their claim to “Orthodox”. There has been pressure on the OU to disallow this membership. For whatever reasons – which I do not know – this has not happened. Perhaps this action qualifies for a review from the OU. The BMH did not have their bimah in the middle of the shul, rather it was elevated on the same platform as the Aron Hakodesh and a microphone was used as soon as that technology was in place. What now has been introduced into that edifice is terrible but the building does not house an Orthodox Shul.

  6. By constantly giving updates on Chovevei is giving credence to a so called Yeshiva that I would like to think the majority of your readers are totally not interested in; akin to the girl who goes out on a shidduch date & talks about her manicures….
    Their Torah values are so warped to say the least…

  7. The problem is we still keep calling them orthodox
    Isn’t it time we recognized them for what they r old time conservative if even that

  8. Perhaps YCT means Yeshiva of Chelem Traditions however even in Chelem they were more respectful.

    Korach would be appreciative of the teachings of YCT.

  9. When you people will stop endorsing & supporting sleazy politicians who support “Toaiva” “Marriage”, then & only then, can you have taanis on these types of Organizations! Untill then, quiet!

  10. #4,MDG, is absolutely right. YCT is causing a ‘beyond chilul Hashem’, if that’s possible. #3,Anonymous, obviously has no idea of what Torah is.

  11. #3 “dignity”?!…Toeveh, oxymoron…
    This school reminds me of a phrase learned in H.S. …”Tovel vasheretz beyado”.

  12. skdoula,
    The human spirit requires a dignified approach no matter its reluctance to adhere to dignified ways. Either way, you should learn Torah in terms of human relations.


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