Yarmulke Conflict At Anne Frank House


For six months, Barry Vingerling, a 25-year-old employee at Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House, had to wait for permission from the museum to wear a yarmulke during working hours, Holland’s Het Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad (NIW) reported.

“I have been suffering from it for months, but this is a fundamental moral issue for me,” he told the paper, adding, “I work in the house of Anne Frank, who had to go into hiding because of her identity. In that same house should I hide my identity?”

The museum told him that its policy was not to show any beliefs in the workplace when coming into contact with the public. Rabbi Menno ten Brink, member of the Council of Supervision of the Anne Frank House, told him that “wearing a cap was at least a halachic solution.”

Once the NIW paper questioned the museum about its yarmulke policy, the foundation held a meeting that was to have been delayed until May and decided that Vingerling could wear his yarmulke after all.

NIW also reported that Israelis visiting the center noticed that while most audio tours were indicated with national flags, the Hebrew audio tour was indicated in Hebrew letters and no flag. The museum recently placed a Hebrew flag sticker over the letters and blamed the initial discrimination on an external company.



  1. I never understood this whole Anne Frank fascination. She was not a shomer torah umitzvos. She wasn’t following in G-d’s ways. There were 6 million people besides her who were murdered. Just because they found her alleged diary, she is suddenly a hero? All the other millions don’t count?

    • Watch yourself. Anne is favored to be read. Basic feelings of a girl who is jewish. She does not know full yiddishkeit. That is learned. But she has a creative neshama. One fears G-d to see such a diary left. One loves Hashem to read it.

      Hashem is using the Anne Frank diary to assist in ending antisemitism, helping Jacob stand in his own decimation from the shoah and keeping an innocent voice of jewish light in the world.

      Its the real thing.

      • If I stub my toe in Brookline MA will that prevent my fellow Yid in Tucson AZ from having his freezer door handle break?

        • I give you credit. You can burn her diary in Berlin and wonder if the holocaust museum will see you eat your schmaltz too.

          Bright jew. Yireh is not your bone until we bury. Fear more than your joke. No hide for hate.

          You are wrong.

        • I take back my conflict with you. If you stub your toe in brookline and forget as a blue stater to vote democrat, no red republican will fly off the handle in anger in Tucson because it is a republican advantage.

          Gut out the Anne Frank day if you want. She is popular. The book has innocence. Neatly I gave it some time. She might be wise to friend. She did not make it to Laroko.

          Maybe you can stub your foot in a mega-mall. Go to Minnesota and see if the citizens are united strong. Maybe the vote will not suffer. Do they have bibs in Galveston? You can go there too. Maybe its a warm day and you can see if the hurricanes were not too bad. We have hope.

          Keep the cross. More to read. Torah is key humor. Lakoto just sounds too native.


    • You’re right. If anyone should be glorified, it should be Rywka Lipszyc, a religious Jewish girl, whose diary was also found.

  2. to “enough already”
    i will take he position that you did not grow up in a house of survivors like i did so i can possibly look away at your insensitivity and stupidity
    the fascinitaion is that although 6 million were murdered
    that is a number to most people and thats it

    however through the diary we can relate to a real human, a child that has hopes and aspirations a jew regardless of her affililation
    whose life was snuffed out precisely because she was a jew

  3. to Mr anonymous

    you know for a fact that because yidden threw away the yarmulkas is what caused the holocuast

    the intelligence level of the commentors here make wonder who are these idiots
    who are they married to
    where did they get their education
    hopefully my children will not be meshadech with these babaling idiots

  4. I recently bought a copy of Anne Frank’s diary, having read it many decades ago. However, I couldn’t get thorugh more than a few pages. I discovered that the copy available till recently was the abridged, censored version of a secular teenager in horrific circumstances. The complete version shows an entirely different persona, trust me, not anyone any reader of matzav should look up to. Sort of like בלעם when he said he wanted to die מות ישרים, the death of the righteous, but what about l i v i n g that way? Anne Frank lived a life totally devoid of Torah and its values, but died על קידוש ה’ nonetheless. I’m not judging her or her position in עולם הבא but let’s not admire her overly much. It’s a fine line here.


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