Yanukovych Living It Up in Moscow


ukrainian-president-viktor-yanukovychFormer Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych was apparently seen at a five-star hotel and Kremlin retreat in Moscow today. He had written to the Russian government asking for protection “from extremists,” and sources indicate the request had been “satisfied on the territory of Russia.”

But the public sentiment from the country’s state television has been against the fugitive president who was driven from Kiev and thought to be in the Crimean Peninsula. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. He was duly elected by the people of Ukraine. He was ousted by a mob. That is not the legal way to do things. Yanukovych has done nothing wrong. If the people are sick of his policies, let them vote him out. What’s with all this violence? Democracy is NOT about violence. Its about being civil. Its too bad the corrupt Obama/Holder administration are trying to have anyone they don’t like, anywhere in the world, violently thrown out of office. I wonder how he would react if the people of this Country would do that to him. Its high time this corrupt administration stops meddling in the affairs of other Nations.

  2. #1, you’re really right but …….who cares!??

    Actually he could stand along with Morsi and Saddam and scream as they did, “I’m the president. The people elected me!”

  3. Hitler was also elected by the people as Chancellor of the National Socialist German Workers Party (aka Nazi Party.


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