Yanover Esrogim Blighted By Frost


In January, days of frost destroyed eighty percent of the Yanover esrog field in a small area of southern Italy’s Calabria area, which Chabad chassidim have been particular to use since the 18th century.

Yanover esrogim will be few and of lower quality this Sukkos season. Many trees died from the freezing spell and others were severely pruned to help them recover. It takes years for a newly planted branch to grow into a fruit-yielding tree.

Following the drastic loss, many farmers have lost much of their income and are considering selling their land to developers.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. “They may have to sell their land to developers”
    Oh really?!
    Should I reach for my violin?
    Talk about a stinken lie! Do they really think the average consumer is that dumb and stupid?! Every year we hear the same garbage about this field that got damaged and that field that didnt produce, etc… This is the best ploy by these evil thieving dealers to push the price of esrogim higher and higher all in the holy name of “Hiddur”. Hiddur is the new God.

  2. sick of your lies. trying to be dishonest & makeup such a fake story so you can charge more for esrogim?

    this story keeps on repeating itself every other year but people are not as stupid as you think B”H


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