Yair Lapid Laboring to Pass Same-Gender Marriage in Israel


yair-lapidYair Lapid is far from done in placing his stamp on Israel. He’s targeted bnei yeshiva. He’s targeted yeshivos. He’s targeted chareidim. And now he’s targeting traditional marriage.

The Israeli Finance Minister is said to aiming to establish civil marriage, including same-gender marriage, in Israel.

On his Facebook page, Lapid told a questioner that he was “definitely” planning on pushing forward civil marriage

“I’m a big supporter of civil marriage,” Lapid wrote on Thursday night. “We’re working to create a coalition within the coalition. Yisrael Beiteinu is for it; other parties less. We’ll battle for this and work for it without stop, for civil marriage, including marriages for same-gender couples in Israel, simply because it’s the just and right thing to do. The rabbinate can’t have a monopoly on marriage and divorce, People need there to be an alternative.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Does Lapid’s partners, Lipman & Piron also agree that SSM should be the law of the land in the Jewish State?!

  2. OOOKKKK the guy is officially the worst rasha i have ever have the “zechus” of knowing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    somebody shud do SOMETHING!

  3. Lapid has definitely crossed the red line. Anyone know a good mental therapist for him? Maybe he should move to the States to pass his sickening mandates.

  4. Nebuch what a tragedy that man is – let’s pray he does teshuva before it’s too late

  5. Of all the worst of the lot who have served in the knesset, he is surely the worst. A true son of his father. How can a ‘real’ Jew even suggest such an abomination in holy Eretz Yisrael? Even the worst apikorus in Israel wouldn’t dare suggest such a law. Hopefully, this will never happen; otherwise, this could bring an onesh that one cannot even dare to think of. Also, hopefully, all those who voted for this apikorus have awakened to the horrible mistake they made and his political career is over.

  6. What did you expect from someone who’s own Father is a Goy?! This is what Tommy left as the future!

  7. and since israel is a free secular ,democratic ,western based state with certain cultural pseudo jewish attires the rabbinut will have to accept same gender kiddushin.
    yes !! after the spirit of the hatikvah : to be a free people . free of Torah and Hashem!
    but what can you expect from a country that converts goym after they served 3 years even if they don`t mean to be shomer torah we-mitzvot. trefa to be keddusha and every thing will be fine.
    this will be just one steppimg stone more after all others allready done by the state and their religiouse cooperatives to bring the next destruction upon us.


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