Yair Lapid: Hire Chareidim


finance-minister-yair-lapid“Hire charedim. Give them jobs,” said Minister of Finance Yair Lapid at the small and medium business conference yesterday. “Following passage of the new draft law, tens of thousands of haredim are going out into the workforce. Hire them.”

Lapid continued, “I know it isn’t easy. People ask themselves: how do I deal with kosher issues? What do I do if a woman comes in to my business wearing a T-shirt? How do I create a work environment where everyone gets along? I am not saying for a moment that there are easy answers to these questions, but it is possible. Israel has tens of thousands of small businesses where charedim work and they have found solutions.”

Lapid said, “The important point is that if we, as a caring society, do not accept the challenge of bringing charedim into the workforce, if we only demand that they serve in the army and work, without us working to help them integrate into Israeli society, we’ll have done nothing. This will pay off for anyone who makes the effort, because they are hard and intelligent workers and they learn fast, and they know how to say thank you to those who have given them a chance.”


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. What a left handed compliment,”they are hard and intelligent workers, and they learn fast, and they know how to say thank you…”

  2. Thank you for posting this. Kol hakavod. There is no mitzvah to live in poverty. On the contrary poverty leads to all kinds of terrible things.

  3. oh yeah???well let’s start with Lapid’s Finance Ministry-how many haredim are employed there?If they were serious why did they fail to pass a law stoping discrimaination against haredim?

  4. #4 has it right. Let him start with his own Ministry and then move on to other government offices.
    After setting an example, he can ask the same of others – and then it would be meaninful. Now iti is not.
    Additionally, why did he vote against giving the haredim preferntial hiring?
    This guy is “bad for the Jews”.

  5. It isn’t enough just to say, “Hire Chareidim.” We need to make sure that Chareidim entering the workforce have the necessary skills to get good jobs. There need to be more quality post-yeshiva programs to help Chareidi guys catch up, while at the same time being able to learn outside of work/classes and keep the mitzvos. Maybe a program of old-style apprenticeships could be useful, in addition to the usual school-type instruction.

  6. Unlike in the US where a person can get a college degree based on several years of post high school yeshiva learning, in Israel, one cannot. As far as the Israeli government is concerned, learning for 5 or 6 years is equivalant to doing absolutely nothing. And many Israeli employers, including the government, won’t hire someone with out a college degree.
    Let the government be the first to change this situation. Otherwise, they’re just a bunch of hypocrites.

  7. Moreso,they passed an anti discrimination edict a few months ago,but decided it would only apply to women and arabs!

    matzav.com,please stop showing his face!

  8. Jerusalem mom: Rav Dov Lipman is charedi and he is part of Lapids party. Nice try. Why can’t you just acknowledge this very kind and courageous gesture from Lapid?

  9. How foolish can people be to actually give this two-face credit for these “Oh so pious” sentiments
    that are nothing more than the “chazzar”feet of a man rotten to the core with hatred and venom to Chareodi Yidden and their adherence to the Derech HaTorah. And this coming from an excuse for a man who grew up with a silver spopn in his mouth and has never worked an honest day in his life. He will soon join the garbage heap of history as his father before him. Afrah Lepumei


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