Yahadut HaTorah Regained Seat That To Giant Error At The Polls


Yahadut HaTorah which dropped from eight seats to seven, regained its eighth seat by uncovering a small but significant error.

According to Kikar Shabbos, the moment the Likud party received its 36th seat at the expense of UTJ’s eighth seat, party activists began working to prove that the drop had been caused by typing errors.

Senior figures in the Central Elections Committee did not believe that correcting the errors would change the results, but UTJ activists working around the clock proved otherwise, resulting in an extra seat in the new Knesset.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Another UTJ member will get a 40,000 NIS salary + massive benefits. You bet they would try and fix that mistake!!

    (I’m charedi and voted for Likud, charedi parties do nothing anyway except collect a big fat salary)


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