Yad Vashem Response to the Law Passed in Poland Yesterday


Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, opposes the new legislation passed by the Polish parliament, which would outlaw blaming Poles for the crimes of the Holocaust and is liable to blur the historical truths regarding the assistance the Germans received from the Polish population during the Holocaust.

“There is no doubt that the term “Polish death camps” is a historical misrepresentation! The extermination camps were set up in Nazi-occupied Poland in order to murder the Jewish people within the framework of the “Final Solution.”

“However, restrictions on statements by scholars and others regarding the Polish people’s direct or indirect complicity with the crimes committed on their land during the Holocaust are a serious distortion. Yad Vashem will continue to support research aimed at exposing the complex truth regarding the attitude of the Polish population towards the Jews during the Holocaust.”



  1. ask the Polish yidden about the polish goyim helping the nazis ym”s – they’ll tell you that they were just as bad and urderous

    • You are right. Most of my family was murdered by the Germans with Polish complicity during the war, and one cousin who survived was murdered by Poles after the war had ended. Zachor – never forget and never allow the guilty to deny what they did.

  2. As a survivor told me once, he hates the Polish more than the Nazis for what they did. There was a reason the camps were in Poland, not in Austria

    • Yeh, very interesting. Are you that insensitive? It’s a shame my in-laws parents who were slaughtered by the Poles ym”sh never heard this vort.

  3. As a grandchild of polish grandparents. My grandparents who b”h survived the war, always spoke how the poles were alot worse than the germans.


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