Ya’alon: It’s Our Right To ‘Settle Every Part Of The Land Of Israel’


Former Israeli Defense Minister and chairman of the newly established Telem party, Moshe Ya’alon, said on Sunday that Israel has the “right to settle every part of the Land of Israel”.

Ya’alon, who last week merged his Telem party with Benny Gantz’ Hosen L’Israel (Israel Resilience) party, visited the West Bank settlement of Leshem on Sunday.

As both defense minister and IDF commander of the Central Region, Ya’alon said he had played an important role in the establishment of the settlement and was “delighted to see its expansion and growth.”

“When you look westward and see the lights of the Tel Aviv region you can understand the strategic security importance of the settlement here in particular and of the settlements in Judea and Samaria in general, beyond exercising our right to settle every part of the Land of Israel,” Ya’alon added.

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  1. Fake phony fraud. When he was defense minister, he did nothing to stop rockets and terror coming from Gaza. He did a lot of tough talking BUT NO DOING! Boogie is a disgrace.


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