Ya’alon: Forcing Chareidim into IDF is a Mistake


moshe-yaalonIsraeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon reiterated his feelings that integrating chareidi men into the IDF must be done gradually and without coercion during a hearing on Sunday of the special Knesset committee for the legislation on drafting chareidi men into national service, reports the Jerusalem Post.

“The correct way to ensure the integration of charedim into the IDF and Israeli society is a gradual process through special army courses and in the civilian service,” Ya’alon told the committee, according to the Post report. “It is not right to enter a drastic process of coercion that will lead immediately to opposition,” he continued.

Ya’alon has consistently opposed imposing quotas on the number of chareidi men able to gain military service exemptions. Read more at The Post.

{Matzav.com Israel}


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