World Leaders Rehearse For A Pandemic That Will Come ‘Sooner Than We Expect’


The government ministers were facing a new infectious disease outbreak. The mysterious virus was sickening and killing people with alarming speed. Some patients had to be placed on ventilators to help them breathe. The new virus seemed resistant to antibiotics and antiviral medicine.

Within a week, officials had closed a major hospital and schools and quarantined thousands of people. Fear and panic spread quickly as people in neighboring countries became infected and died.

That scenario was part of a pandemic simulation held during the World Bank’s annual meeting in Washington this month. It’s not the kind of event that people would typically associate with the World Bank. But it’s the fourth such exercise the bank has helped organize in the past year, reflecting what experts say is the growing awareness outside the traditional global health sector of the increasing threat and economic disruption posed by a global pandemic.

The chaotic and “horrendously inefficient” early response to the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa was the catalyst for the simulations, said Tim Evans, senior director for health, nutrition and population at the World Bank.

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    • I hope you are joking. The flu shot has sickened many people with the flu. Like most vaccines they have not been tested, and contain adjuvants like aluminum that are detrimental to the human body.

      • And it has scary mercury! Said while eating a tunafish sandwich. But what about the aluminum in the vaccines Think of the children! Theres 10 times the amount of aluminum in baby formula. Seriously would

  1. Some more pro vaccine pro pharma fear mongering to condition the public to accept whatever vaccine the “World Bank” and “World Health Organization” decide to declare neccasary in order to prevent a “pandemic”. They got away with this hoax in 2009 and it seems everyone has since forgotten about the billions of dollars wasted by governments on Pandemic strain /H1N1 flu vaccine that year, and the resultant epidemic of Narcolepsy caused by Pandemrix manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline. If you want to avoid the flu try staying away from the shul Kiddush on shabbos, stay away from sugar and eat healthy, take daily vitamin C and D3 to keep your immune system functioning properly and stay away from the flu vaccine which only messes up your immune system and makes you more susceptible to influenza strains not included in the yearly vaccine being designed by guesswork.

    • You tell everyone to take vit c and d3, but you forgot to tell everyone to make sure they get thir reflexology, kinesiology, chronic Lyme treatments, alkalinization, juicing, chiropractic manipulation……

    • Do you know that and other natural sites are on the list of 400 sites that Google doesn’t want you to visit? In other words, if you’re searching something they will not show those links.

      • It is called Linked Epitope Suppression also known as Original Antigenic Sin, which basically means that the vaccine programs your immune system to respond to the viral profile in the vaccine. However the antibodies you produce against the antigens in the vaccine will not be effective against that virus if it mutates or against other strains and your immune response will be dampened against the non vaccine and mutant strains due to the pre programming and the way that pre programming shuts down or suppresses certain aspects of the immune system. There are numerous studies and articles in the scientific literature discussing this problem.

        • “However the antibodies you produce against the antigens in the vaccine will not be effective against that virus if it mutates or against other strains ”

          You don’t explain how it gets from that stage to this

          “and your immune response will be dampened against the non vaccine and mutant strains due to the pre programming and the way that pre programming shuts down or suppresses certain aspects of the immune system.”
          Sound like hogwash designed with language to complexify itself!
          it’s one thing to say a vaccine is negligible or has side effects. Its another thing to say it not only doesnt work it somehow tricks the body to not working on new viruses. It sounds like hogwash!

          • Just do an Internet Search of “Linked Epitope Suppression” or “Original Antigenic Sin” and educate yourself. While you are at it you should also also look at some of the research by Dr Peter Aaby on how the DPT vaccine killed more children in Africa than it saved from DPT due to bad immune programming making them more susceptible to other infections that killed them. Understand the problem is not only with Viruses and it also involves T1 versus T2 immune programming.

  2. yup. the CDC is preparing for this for a while.
    Do some research into the World Bank and you’ll see that it’s not an unlikely candidate at all.
    Listen to a lecture from David Ayoub about the global vaccine agenda and maybe you’ll realize what the World Health Organization is really up to. (I believe it’s on the Akeres Habayis Hotline menus 6,4,1,24)

  3. Fivel :You don’t understand my 90 year old grandma is healthy, because my 90 day old baby got vaccinated. Polio dropped 50% from 1952 to 1955 because they came out with a vaccine in 1955. we shed vax the dead maybe they will wake up.

    • My 99 year Old grandmother never had any vaccines and neither did any of the my other grandparents and great grandparents who lived well into their 90s. My parents however, did get vaccines like the flu shot, and they died in their early 70s. There are serious questions about the Polio statistics used to glorify the various permutations of Polio vaccines both the live virus Saban type vaccines and the killed version Salk type. It is known that there were numerous failures of the Salk Vaccine including the Cutter incident in which healthy people contracted Polio from the vaccine and died or were permanently disabled. Paul Offit himself wrote a book on this subject. Similarly with the Saban Vaccine which was live there was secondary transmission and causation of paralytic disease. There is a very real and unanswered question as to whether or not the polio vaccine programs caused more cases of Polio from the vaccine then were prevented from wild type polio virus. One also has to remember that when the Polio vaccine was introduced, most of the population in the united states was already immune to polio having been exposed to one or more strains of polio naturally. If you will go to the CDC website you will be able to find a rather un-publicized statistic that 95 percent of the people who were infected with Polio were asymptomatic. Of the remaining 5 percent 99 percent of those fully recovered. It was a very small percentage that suffered the severe forms of the disease known as paralytic and bulbar Polio. There is also the question as to how many of those cases were actually Polio and how many of them were reactions to DDT exposure or other types of chemical poisoning common in those times. Then we have to get into the question of the various viral and bacterial contaminants in the polio vaccine such as Simian Virus number 40 a known onco-virus which is very likely causing cancer in some of the people who received it via the vaccine and in their descendants forever after now that it has been implanted in the genome of millions of vaccine recipients.


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