World Health Organization: Anti-Vaccine Movement a Top Threat in 2019


The World Health Organization is calling out the anti-vaccine movement as one of the top global health threats this year.

WHO named vaccine hesitancy, the reluctance or refusal to vaccinate despite available vaccines, among its recently released list of 10 global health threats for 2019. It joins air pollution and climate change, the worldwide influenza pandemic, weak primary health care and HIV in the listing, among others. WHO pledged to make them priorities for the organization and its partners throughout the year.

The organization added that vaccination is “one of the most cost-effective ways of avoiding disease,” noting that it prevents between 2 million and 3 million deaths a year. Some 1.5 million more deaths could be avoided if the rate of vaccinations increased around the world, the group said.

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  1. Well, of course the WHO would say that. That’s because they’re part of the plot that includes:
    -All pharmaceutical companies
    -More than 99% of all doctors
    -More than 99% of all nurses
    -More than 99% of all other healthcare providers
    -All governmental health agencies
    -All hospitals
    -All those who participate in clinical trials of new medicines

    I mean, really – why should we trust those plotters and conspirators?

    • That about covers everybody. What a conspiracy!

      Paranoia runs deep among anti-vaxxers. I usually don’t worry much about crackpot conspiracy theories, but this one endangers lives and must be stopped.

      • “I usually don’t worry much about crackpot conspiracy theories, but this one endangers lives and must be stopped.”
        I agree 100% with your thoughts, except that since this can’t actually be stopped, it must be responded to as often as necessary (frustrating as it is to see the same crackpot, paranoid theories and lies repeated no matter how often they’re debunked).

    • Vaccination has become a religion, and to dare to question official dogma is to commit the sin of heresy, as proven with post 1:21.

  2. Pro vaxxers finally waking up. Perhaps it’s because the CDC’s own expert vaccine court witness confirmed that vaccines can cause autism, severe injuries and death. Hey, why did they immediately fire him after his confirmation?

  3. If it’s a global threat – just use your money to make the vaccines safe. No one will listen to media propaganda about it. People have become more hesitant recently due to personal experience. (If I know a healthy baby who became brain damaged, died of ‘sids’ or started having seizures right after being vaxxed, I don’t care how many so-called ‘lives’ it ‘may have’ saved!)

    Go fight with that!

  4. Yes, very cost effective for big pharma.
    If only people would educate themselves, they will find the deadly toxins within-namely aluminum, mercury, tissue from aborted fetuses, formaldehyde, a chemical from floor soap, etc. Many children have been hurt by this. Plus, there is no such thing as herd immunity from the vaccines, only with people who have had the diseases themselves. Plus, a mother who has been vaccinated does not give over immunity to her baby for the first year as she does if she has had the disease. Plus, after taking the injection, one “sheds” the disease for a couple of weeks and can spread it to others. Plus, many conditions, such as autism, asthma, many auto-immune diseases, allergies, seizures, Sids, Crohn’s disease, etc. were nearly non-existent before the introduction of vaccines. No correlation?

    Unfortunately, we can’t believe all that the official health organizations say. The movement of knowledgeable people, parents of hurt children, scientists, doctors who know the truth is growing rapidly. We must learn to investigate.

    • You seriously believe all this?! That all the worlds medical problems are because of vaccines?!
      You really need to learn some emunah and bitochon. And stop reading quack websites.
      I have educated myself – and now I am pro vaccines.

      • You are the first and probably the last person who educated himself and became a pro vaxxer. Thaere are hundreds if not thousands of doctors who became anti vaxx yet none who became pro vaxxers. so stop going to quack websites and look at the hard facts on the CDC’s website and vaers reporting and the like

      • You said you educated yourself!! Oh really! by whom???!! By a doctor who never got educated – himself – about vaccines? DOCTORS DO NOT LEARN ANY THING ABOUT VACCINES IN MEDICAL SCHOOL. THEY ONLY LEARN THE SCHEDULE OF WHEN TO ADMINISTER THE VACCINES TO THE PATIENT. THIS IS A FACT. ASK ANY HONEST DOCTOR.
        Of course as a puppet of the CDC, FDA and the WHO you are pro vaxx but that says nothing and you should not brag about being silly

        • I assume you have children and want to protect them as much as I do with mine. I do do not believe any quack websites or any of the ‘commentators’ who claim stuff. However much I would like to be paid off by anyone, that is not the case! I do not want to endanger anyone or cause any harm – as I assume you do too. No drug can be 100% safe for everyone, there are side effects to everything, but the hard evidence that I see is blatantly not as you describe. I do not know of a hundred, doctors who are anti vaxxers, nevermind a thousand. Most of the anti vaxxers are cranks and charlatans, not doctors. Those that are doctors are generally not anti vaxxers, and/or not specialists in any related field. All doctors who give vaccinations are pro vaccinations.
          Anyone can tell you that not all vaccinations are equal. To throw them all in the same boat is naive. There are specific guidelines for each vaccine, who should not be receiving it and when. They are there for a reason. If you fall into the category where vaccinations are not recommended, then unfortunately you have bigger issues and everyone else is protecting you with heard immunity.
          Continued good health for all.

  5. Plus, for any drug to get FDA approval, it needs to undergo testing for about ten years. The vaccine companies are not subject to this. How long was the HepB vaccine tested, the one given to babies on day one (since they might be using
    contamimated needles to shoot themselves with heroin)???? FIVE days. There are no regulations for testing vaccines!

    Plus, 7/8/9/ vaccines at a time?!?!?

    Wake up!!!!

    • You need 10 – 15 years of testing for vaccination approval.
      Contaminated needles with heroin is not a vaccination problem if you go to a real doctor.
      Vaccinations are continually tested and evaluated.
      There are many regulations for vaccine testing.
      There have been many studies and testing about taking multiple vaccines at a time and how far apart to take them.

      • prove it.
        every single thing you stated is false.
        vaccines do not take 15 years!! joke of jokes
        they have no liability whatsoever!!!

  6. Yes the anti vaxxers, according to the internet poskim, are rodfim, so you’re allowed to go murder them before they come close to you. Vinishmarta. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Hunt them down and kill them.

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