Watch: Woodward: People Better Wake Up To What’s Going On


Legendary journalist Bob Woodward says a presidency is measured by what actually is done on the issues that affect people. Woodward goes on ‘The Daily Briefing’ to talk about his new book ‘Fear’ detailing life inside the Trump White House.



  1. Bob Woodward is the anonymous author of the NY Times article. The article was crafted by Woodward to help him sell his worthless book of lies and innuendo. Look at Woodward’s articles of past administrations. His lies have all been debunked as they will be with his current book.

  2. Interesting that all these “authors” had no issues with America being destroyed by the previous Presidents, and the imposter, the Kenyan, being installed illegally as 44th president who completely brought America down to the lowest level of the abyss for fear they’d be called racists. What a bunch cruel hypocrites.

  3. What’s going on is that the mainstream media has become the mouthpiece and rabid attack dogs of the left, and facts seem to get lost in the theater of political propaganda.


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