Women of the Wall Yerushalayim Bus Ads Cause Tumult


yerushalayim-busWomen of the Wall has stirred the pot again with their latest bus ads showing women wearing talleisim.  

Some individuals in Yerushalayim attacked buses with those ads last night. Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld claimed that several men slashed tires and threw stones at the buses.

Women of the Wall, the radical group that encourages “gender equality” at the Kosel, sponsored the advertisements. The pictures featured women wearing talleisim and holding Sifrei Torah. The words “End the obscene pictures” were spraypainted on the buses.

“This is only about gender roles and discrimination against women and the image of women,” said Women of the Wall spokeswoman Shire Pruce. “If those were boys in the ads, this would not be a news story.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. What would it serve to deface the ads? Just makes the opposing moods more complicit in their response. Give yourself some courage and Daven more. Instead of defacing, reface your courage. This is just lost moods looking for vengeance.

    I could think of course that the Women of the Wall movement’s presence is horrible, but to give them more steam is so counterproductive.

  2. your headlines are very misleading
    while I don’t condone anything the women of the wall do

    I don’t condone acting like animals
    once again the “leidegayers” found what to do in their “free” time
    tumult is an understatement

    but have no fear it will be relatively quite in Israel soon as they will all be back in new York doing what they do best

  3. Parents: Raise your girls to be proud of who they are. Self-esteem is crucial. Little girls who are not raised by secure and proud mothers won’t grow up to constantly have to fight the world field by anger that they are not men.
    These are empty shells of women; nothing inside to nurture or realize any value. These are not feminists. They are sad and feel left out of a “man’s world”.

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