‘Women of the Wall’ Arrested for Rosh Chodesh Chillul Hashem at the Kosel


women-of-the-wallPolice arrested three “Women of the Wall’ today after they violated High Court limitations and wore talleisim in a “protest” marking the beginning of the month of Elul

Police warned the women before arresting them.

The protest movement, led mostly by Reform and Conservative Jews, has campaigned against halacha and centuries-old minhagim.

These women often choose Rosh Chodesh to stage their ridiculous provocations under the guise of prayer.

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{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. #3, BAT MITZVAH IS A MODERN THING CREATED BY FEMINIST and parents that dont want their daughters to ”feel left out”
    It has no religious significance, it is the alteration of the holy meaning of pray making it that anyone can institute what ever and when ever they want anything they want.

    The parents should have properly learned themselfs and in turn taught their children how holy the woman of ISRAEL ARE.
    Israel would not have received Torah if not for woman.

    They can turn a ‘bat mitzvah into a Mitzvah by learning what is appropriate for woman to learn,making it a MITZVAH AND NOT ANOTHER BAR MITZVAH HIRING A BIG BAND AND CIRCUS TO ‘CELEBRATE THE YOUNG MANS TURNING OF AGE.

  2. These women think the Kotel area is an arena for their agenda, like the Berkely or NYU campus. They figure they will get a hysterical Chareidishe overreaction that will play well in the ensuing media coverage.

  3. DACON9: You can turn any Seuda into a Seudas Mitzvah through a Dvar Torah, but don’t take my word it, check out Yabia Omer 2:29

    While you are at it, think about why you would NOT celebrate a Bat Mitzvah in an environment where you celebrate school graduation and the like. Is Knissa L’Ol Mitzvos not something that is Shayyach to the girls of today. Your daughters may not want/need/have such celebrations, but condemning others is surely a waste of your breath.

    Perhaps we should go back to girls just mumbling Tzena U’Rena as their highest level of intellectual interaction with the Torah HaKedosha?


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