Women Now Eligible to Apply for the Position of Knesset Rabbi


For the first time in Israel’s history, a woman can apply for the position of Knesset Rabbi.

The Knesset published a tender for the position of Knesset rabbi several months ago, to replace the current rabbi who will be retiring in a few months. When first published, the tender required applicants to present a certificate from the Chief Rabbinate, excluding women from applying as they are barred from completing the Rabbinate’s certification exams.

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) complained directly to the Knesset Director-General and Legal Advisor, claiming that the tender was discriminatory towards women. Last week, IRAC attorney Riki Shapira Rosenberg heard back that the tender was indeed discriminatory and would be withdrawn. They later republished the tender, amending the requirements to a bachelor’s degree from an academic institution and a kashrus supervision certificate from the Chief Rabbinate, opening the door for women to apply for the position of Knesset rabbi.

In response to this significant change by the Knesset, IRAC attorney Riki Shapira Rosenberg said: “This is a breakthrough heralding the opening of additional rabbinic and halachic positions becoming available to women.”

{Matzav.com israel News Bureau}


  1. The Knesset is not a Bais Knesset. It’s a gathering of atheists and chareidi haters. They can put a cat or dog as their rabbit.

  2. Trash liberal worth the woman who wants to be the man today in society.

    The wager of the unorthodox is so high that they would send a blasphemer to the wild just to see if they can get a tiger back to feed their place in their great worth. It might bite, it might be hard to take care of and the whole of their civilization could be eaten gradually and quick.

    But still, the tiger is so keen to look at with its reasonable happy fierce orange, black and white stripes that no soul can dispute on earth their greatness. The tiger theory of female rabbis today. Its pretty much all I have.

    Real funny the reform rabbi. A man of his own greatness fast to connect the unorthodox to a little ideal of a permissive jewish standing in the world. No one to face to know that kosher is relevant and no book or siddur that gives even a Viduy.

    Suicidal culture.

  3. Perhaps the Rabbit of the Women Off the Wall should apply for the position. After all she prays once a month with talis and tefillin. Who can be holier and better candidate?


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