Woman Takes Advantage Of Israeli Aid To Sneak In Explosives


Vigilant security inspectors prevented the smuggling of IEDs into Israel from Gaza by women who were exploiting Israeli humanitarian gestures.

Security inspectors on Wednesday morning at the Erez Crossing seized explosives in the possession of two sisters, residents of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, who were granted permission to enter Israel on humanitarian grounds.

One of the sisters allegedly suffers from cancer and was approved for entry in order to receive medical care.

The explosives, used in the production of IEDs, were hidden in tubes labeled “medical materials.”

The tubes, discovered during a security inspection were dealt with by sappers from the Israel Police.

The ISA investigation of the sisters is continuing. Read more at World Israel News.




  1. How is it a humanitarian gesture to help murderous islamonazis?! They obviously don’t have a concept of hakoras hatov; helping them is like helping a venomous snake.


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