Woman Struggles to Marry Off Children After Tragedy



For most, life comes in waves, with both moments of turbulence and relative calm. For the Sofer family, however, the last decade has been a violent sea, and 20-year-old Chaya is drowning.

When Chaim Yisrael Sofer passed away, he left behind a widow and 13 traumatized children. Mother Devorah took it upon herself to raise the children to adulthood alone. They were thrown off course once again when one of the children of the family was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. In and out of hospitals with her son, and working to pay the bills, Devorah had no choice but to shift many of her responsibilities to the eldest daughters of the house.

Young Chaya helped her mother to the best of her ability, and now works to bring in a modest income. With this context in mind, it is understood that it was a bittersweet event when Chaya became engaged. Though excited for the opportunity to be a kallah and start a new home, the young girl is without financial assistance. It has been a painful and humiliating process for the bride and her mother.

Chaya’s hachnasas kallah fund is current collecting donations toward making a simple wedding, and establishing a home after marriage. This includes such basics as a wedding dress, dresses for her sisters, and second-hand appliances for her first apartment. With just days remaining until the wedding, they are still majorly lacking.

Those who are able to give some comfort and stability to a young woman who has suffered tremendously can do so here for a limited time.




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