Woman Discovers She’s Jewish


Likud activist Netanel Izak wrote that while participating as part of an Israeli delegation in Taiwan, he helped a woman discover her Jewish roots.

“In one of the places we visited, my yarmulke fell at the feet of a girl who picked it up politely and asked me if I was Jewish,” he wrote. “I told her that I was. She said that in her home she had a picture of her grandfather wearing a yarmulke. He was Jewish and her mother was Jewish, she said, but she was Christian.

“I explained to her that she was not a Christian but Jewish. She came to us for Shabbos and saw what kiddush and Shabbos candles are, and we even registered her for Jewish studies in the United States.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. We believe her just like *that* (!) … No giyur l’chumrah???? We must protect the yichus and kedusha of klal yisrael and not let in some easily such people!!!


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